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Backstage intrigues of the 16 season «battle of psychics»: what participants say

Backstage intrigues of the 16 season of the “Battle of psychics”: what participants say

More and more scandalous confessions are being made by former participants of the “Battle of psychics”. Not so long ago, the social networks went around recording with Sergey Pakhomov, where he claims that PR became the real purpose of his participation in the show. And now we hear new revelations from Rossa Voronova, who recently left the project.

The participant of the 16th season of the “Battle of the Psychics” Ross Voronov, the youngest in their tandem with her mother Iolanta, is not the first time opposing the organizers of the “Battle” and some of its participants. Her fairly straightforward hints of draining information and talk about editing, exposing half the participants in an unseemly light, have already been seen by many fans of the project.

Rossa’s new interview in social networks was quite bold and added unflattering details about the backward, backstage side of Battle.

Ross does not name names — this is not allowed by the contract of the shooting participants — however, it is already clear that we are talking about the main favorites of the project. Rossa claims that there were participants who passed the qualifying tests separately — at least with other candidates for the “Battle” they were not seen. In addition, some psychics were taken to the project, but they were already denied in the process of filming, apparently because of the lack of entertainment in the process or because of the inability to play for the public.

Unambiguously, she speaks to Pahoma and even leads bloopers from film sets. For example, a test with a damned apartment: Grandfather Pakhom in the dead of night found the needles with damage, and then carried them out in the afternoon, thus stretching the test for about a day.

It is worth noting that the organizers, apparently, listened to various interviews of Russia, but did it in their own way. For example, in the last, 7th series of “The Battle of Psychics” of the new season, while Voronov’s missions were over, they didn’t want to make fun off-screen music. Early Ross repeatedly complained about her.

True, serious music also came out quite comical — but what it is, by chance or intent, is not completely clear.

It is known that after the end of the project Iolanta Voronova filed a “Battle of the Psychics” in court. What will end the case is not yet clear.

See the “Battle”, separating the truth from the production, and the disguised psychics from the true clairvoyants. And of course, understanding the facts and unverified rumors, do not forget to press the buttons and

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