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Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from 7 to 13 November

Astroprognosis of Natalia Pravdina for the week from November 7 to 13

Thanks to the recommendations of Natalia Pravdina, you can tune in to the positive and receive gifts from the Universe every day.

Natalia Pravdina is a first-class specialist in the field of Feng Shui and positive thinking. Her affirmations for good luck and happiness have already helped a lot of people. Use Natalia’s advice and in a week you will see how your life will start to change for the better.

Monday, November 7

The beginning of the week falls under the influence of the Zodiac sign Aquarius, which will contribute to the disclosure of your creative abilities. Those who still do not see their talents will be helped to determine simple exercises.

The growing moon will have a positive impact on this day and will help in new achievements and undertakings. If you have long planned to make an interesting trip or arrange a romantic date, then today is the right time for the first step. And then the Universe itself will lead you to abundance and happiness.

Tuesday, November 8

The Aquarius Constellation continues to exert its influence, but today priority should be given to matters that require determination and firmness of mind. If you have long wanted to talk with your management about your promotion and have convincing arguments in store, then you do not need to postpone this conversation for another day. Having shown your character strength on this day, you will lay a solid foundation for further career growth.

In personal relationships, it is also worth taking the initiative, but do not overdo it with perseverance. In this sphere of life you should always remember about romance and tenderness, otherwise your partner can simply withdraw into herself.

Wednesday, November 9

The moon enters the Pisces Constellation, and this can weaken your concentration. The influence of Mercury will alleviate the situation a bit, so you can do the most important and hard work fairly quickly. However, astrological forecast notes that on this day it is best to devote yourself to creativity and the development of new strategies.

Wednesday is suitable for romantic dates and search for your soulmate. If you have not yet found your happiness, then today is the time to go out or schedule new meetings. And to make the first date ideal will help simple ways.

Thursday 10 November

Due to the influence of the planet Jupiter, on this day your intuition will sharpen. This will help you to distinguish good people from ill-wishers and to make the right choice both in business and in personal life. Trust your feelings: if you feel discomfort during a conversation with a certain person, then it is best to refuse to continue to communicate with him.

Also November 10 is great for analysis, summing up and planning for the future. On this day, you can develop both global plans and small steps. This is what will lead you to future success and protect you from unnecessary actions.

Friday, November 11

Despite the fact that November 11th is the last working day of this week, you shouldn’t especially relax. If you do not pay enough attention to the details, you risk missing important information or making a simple mistake.

On this day, the risk of spoiling everything that you have been striving for so long is very great. But do not be upset too soon. It is enough to tune in to the positive and enlist the support of the luck talisman that you can do yourself.

Saturday, November 12

The combination of the growing moon with the constellation of Aries can cause aggression and excessive emotionality in your environment. Natalia Pravdina recommends controlling her mood and thinking a few times before saying something. Since this day is affected by the planet Saturn, which has a powerful, but at the same time destructive energy, any situation can turn into a failure or a negative.

Carefully choose the environment with which you have to communicate. And if you know your compatibility horoscope, it will help you quickly find common interests and points of contact.

Sunday November 13th

On the last day of this week, the Moon will turn into the Taurus Constellation. This will help to complete the weekend on a positive note and successfully complete all the protracted business.

Devote this day to unhurried walks, cozy conversations over a cup of aromatic coffee and socializing with loved ones. This will restore your strength, fill with new ideas and projects.

Astroprognosis helps us to see the moments that can change our life for the better. By learning how to properly apply this information, you can manage events and benefit from it. You can also attract numerology to your aid and use your Destiny number as a daily amulet. The astroprognosis of Natalia Pravdina wishes you new discoveries, faith in yourself, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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