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Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from November 28 to December 4

Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from November 28 to December 4

Stars affect us and our lives, but from time to time their mood changes, forcing us to change ours. Natalia Pravdina will talk about what awaits us in the next seven days.

Regardless of the favorableness of one or another period of time, you will always be helped by affirmations for every day from Natalia Pravdina, who will charge you with optimism and teach you to think correctly. With their help, you can attract good luck in your life in all areas, including finance and love. The astrologer recommends thinking positively, for this is the key to success in all matters.

You must always believe in yourself. From November 28 to December 4, Aries should be more careful, because excessive self-confidence can play a cruel joke with them. Try to see everything as it really is, so as not to suffer a fiasco in love or lose your luck in business.

In the early days of December, avoid intimate contact with Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Taurus next seven days can give success in love. To do this, you just have to show yourself from the right side. Be yourself — pretending and hypocrisy will not help you in anything. Better, as they say, honest egoism than treacherous altruism.

The stars say that people will be able to catch a lot of lies and unnaturalness in you much easier.

In the period from November 28 to December 4, special attention should be paid to their duties — personal, work, home. Be content with what you have, and do not meddle on the rampage. It is better to devote this week to rest and work. All the rest should wait at least until December 3.

These weekends can be very dynamic, so be prepared for any problems and any outcome. Do not be discouraged if you do not win out.

Horoscope warns Cancers against risk and recommends spending this week surrounded by family and friends. In making important decisions should be based on personal experience and the advice of others. It would be even better if you put it off for the future, freeing yourself from the heavy burden of responsibility.

Even a small amount of doubt in something can play an important role, so do not do what you are not sure about to the end.

The first days of winter and the last days of autumn will bring much joy to Lions and Lionesses if they notice in the endless stream of information and events. Even in the most dubious things something beautiful and attractive can lurk. Mindfulness must be supported by positive and the desire to see good.

Trust people, and most importantly — trust yourself.

The year of the Fire Rooster is coming, and forgiveness will help you to enter it successfully. Ask for forgiveness from everyone you hurt, and forgive those who want to reconcile with you. Release this heavy load that pulls you to the bottom.

You may not notice this, telling yourself that you are already fine, but you cannot even imagine how clean your soul can become.

It is time for shopping and attention. This does not mean that all week long you can selfishly think only about your loved ones. Use these seven days to accomplish everything that you previously intended.

We are talking about purchases that you have planned for a long time, about rest and about good mood. Make all your dreams come true, for the Stars report that there may no longer be a chance in the past year.

The astrologer advises representatives of this Zodiac sign to start planning things for the next year and actively prepare for his meeting. Just do not tell anyone just that you are going to buy a gift. Stars are waiting for changes in your home — make a permutation or buy something new from the furniture.

Change your life while this magic works.

Strelets, in accordance with the forecast of Natalia Pravdina, it is better to devote this week to spiritual matters. This could include prayers, trips to the temple, meditation, and so on. Any information will be much easier to digest, so you can learn this week, get ready for exams, or just read literature that will allow you to succeed in your favorite work and work.

Capricorn stars promise good luck in love. This is especially true of those who are in search of the second half. A sense of humor and honesty will help you attract the attention of the opposite sex. If you like a person, just tell him about it, but do not be intrusive.

The truth is never shocking if you yourself are not shocked by what she was told.

Aquarius is better to give these seven days rest. Of course, leaving work or begging for vacation is not worth it. Just after a hard day do not drink alcohol and be more alone with yourself. Noisy companies will not help you unwind.

Only an interesting book or decent films can do this. Relax spiritually and physically, combining both.

Your life can change for the better. To do this, you just need to see this opportunity. The stars do not give specific descriptions of the happiness that awaits you, so you will have to experiment and look for it where previously it was not necessary. Remember — he who seeks will find.

Especially now.

Natalia Pravdina wishes you a good week. The secret of success is a healthy biofield. Increase your energy with special exercises and affirmations to always be on a horse.

May this week be successful for you and bring you only happiness. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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