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Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from March 13 to March 19

Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from March 13 to March 19

Astroprognoz from Natalia Pravdina for the week from March 13 to March 19 will help in choosing a strategy to achieve the goals. Her recommendations reflect the most favorable days and the influence of stars and planets on human energy.

The ancient science of feng shui helps many to achieve well-being, not only in the business sphere, but also at home. Natalia Pravdina, a well-known specialist in this field, recommends starting every morning with a positive attitude. The use of affirmations, as well as the installation to win will help to achieve the desired and not to fail before the difficulties encountered.

The week from March 13 to March 19 will be held with a diminishing moon. It provokes a frequent change of mood, so pay attention to your condition and avoid nervous overstrain.

Monday, March 13

Monday will be influenced by the waning Moon and the zodiacal Libra. Today, there is a period of calm after the Full Moon, so things should be managed in a measured manner to avoid mistakes. According to Natalia Pravdina’s forecast, the day is successful for transactions, as well as a thorough business planning for the entire period until March 19. A sufficient amount of vital energy allows you to spend March 13 in harmony with each other.

In order that activity does not become the cause of aggression, it should be sent to a peaceful course. A good choice will be sports, as well as creativity and any creative work.

Tuesday, March 14

Today, the moon continues to be in the constellation Libra. This time is suitable for new acquaintances, as well as communication with loved ones. Today, love energy is growing, which contributes to the development of new relationships, as well as mutual understanding and harmony among couples.

Along with measured work in the workplace, do not miss the opportunity to attract love into your life. Natalia Pravdina recommends not to sit at home, and go in search of your soulmate. For successful dating, use tricks — Feng Shui will tell you what color of clothes to stop, so that luck will not bypass you.

Wednesday, March 15

The continuing influence of Libra, as well as the waning Moon, is a fairly successful combination for measured activity. Today, Wednesday, which means Mercury, the planet’s patron of this day, provides additional energy for fruitful mental work. Today it will be successful to search for information in the area of ​​interest, as well as making important decisions and concluding transactions. Attention should be paid to the mood — decreasing energy provokes its drops.

In order to pass the day in a relaxed atmosphere, the astrologer recommends putting your workplace in order. Proper placement of furniture, as well as talismans will help to recharge positive emotions.

Thursday, March 16

The influence of Scorpio on this day allows you to concentrate on important matters and work hard to achieve material well-being. On Thursday, business projects, the search for business partners, as well as discussions with business development partners are going well. Vigorous activity today will be a guarantee of high profits soon. To ensure that money from the budget does not scatter, use proven techniques that will save and increase your funds.

The problems that arise on March 16th are not the best idea to solve with a swoop, but weighted decisions and attention will help to avoid mistakes in the future.

Friday, March 17

A day under the auspices of Venus is favorable for personal relationships, as well as creating a cozy atmosphere at home. Pay attention to the place where you spend the most time, so that it brings you only positive emotions. Reconstructing the bedroom interior will help to achieve harmony in the house.

It should not be unnecessary items to positive energy circulated freely in space. In her work, Natalia Pravdina recommends paying attention only to the most necessary cases. Today is a good time to prepare for a new work week, and measured activities will be the best end of the day.

Saturday, March 18

On Saturday, the influence of Sagittarius adversely affects the collective work, so it is better to spend the day alone. Also today will be a good house cleaning. Home affairs will give the chance to distract from intense working week, and also will help with attraction of well-being.

Having learned to manage the energy of space, you can fully relax in your cozy family nest. Energy well-being charged with positive emotions. Feeling collected, starting a work week is half the success on the way to achieving your goals.

Sunday, March 19

According to Natalia Pravdina, astrologic forecast, on Sunday there are good trips and walks in the fresh air. A good mood on the last weekend of this week will provide an opportunity to actively start Monday and get down to important business. Today, a good choice would be a good rest, as well as communication with friends. The energy of the day has a romantic relationship, so attract love into your life with the help of proven methods.

Those who are forced to work will be helped by positive attitudes aimed at business success.

This week from March 13 to March 19 you will be able to achieve significant success. Avoid negative things in your life, because it affects not only your mood, but also your health. The ancient science of feng shui will help you achieve what you want, but passivity and sad thoughts will have to be set aside. Natalia Pravdina wishes you harmony and well-being, and do not forget to press buttons and

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