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Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from September 12 to September 18

Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from September 12 to September 18

An individual astro prediction from Natalia Pravdina will reveal the secrets of the upcoming week. With it, everyone can achieve harmony and peace of mind.

Aries should pay attention to the energy in the house. If in some room you feel uncomfortable, then you should clean it from the negative. Do not forget about your physical and mental state: watch what you eat, drink, track your background thoughts. It is very important to achieve peace and serenity: in this, your fiery Sign will perfectly suit the proven technique of meditation on the flame of a candle.

The end of the week promises you an unexpected meeting with someone from your past.

The most important is the family. Do not forget about it. Spend time with loved ones and loved ones, give them a few days of your sincere attention, and you will be surprised to see how happy people can be loved.

Evenings in a pleasant company will create you a great mood, and on weekends you can plan an interesting family trip.

Contradictions will torment your dual nature more than ever. Find a point of peace in the midst of life chaos, step back from the emotions and watch. Toward the middle of the week you will find the necessary answers for yourself and find the right direction. At the weekend it is better to stay at home and devote time to yourself and your living space.

Rest and leisure is a luxury. If you want to achieve your goals, then work in the sweat of your face, without being distracted by tea and coffee. Remember that positive space is pure space. When was the last time you did general cleaning?

Clean the apartment, getting rid of old things, carrying negative energy, and in life, too, order will come.

This week will be wonderful for you in all respects. Everything that you conceive will be realized with an unprecedented scale; For example, colleagues will present a pleasant surprise, and at home a long-standing conflict will be resolved, pressing on our nerves. Feel free to dream!

The stars favor you. Think of old friends: an evening dedicated to the memories will give you a lot of positive emotions. Maintain a good mood, treat yourself — you deserve it.

All week you will have to make important decisions alone. Be careful: much depends on them, in particular, your career growth. Guided by the logic and knowledge of your professional field, you will achieve a positive result.

It is better to spend the evenings quietly, with your family, and by planning a party with friends for the weekend, you will get the necessary relaxation and will reset the weekly tiredness.

This week you will need your ability to balance and harmonize the space around you as never before. Remember that people throwing out a negative, like fountains, are a completely unsuitable company for you. Perhaps it is time to honestly talk to yourself and determine who you need and who you should leave.

It is likely that this week there will be a sharp jump in the romantic relationship, for which you may not be ready. Remember that your partner is worried as you are; treat him with understanding and care. Listen to your loved ones: they may give you very useful advice.

Build your future life and do not be afraid of change.

This week should be dedicated to your health and beauty. Radical changes in nutrition will have a good effect on your well-being. It may be worthwhile to think about practicing a new sport that carries moderate physical exertion and meditative relaxation.

In communication with colleagues and household behave calmly and do not go on about the emotions.

This week will give you new financial opportunities that initially require investments. Do not be afraid to use them: your investment will pay off with interest. Emotional investments will be demanded by close people, and they will also need to devote a large amount of your time and energy.

Weekend is better to devote yourself and your thoughts.

A week for you will not be easy. The need for action at home and at work will not match the reserves of your physical and emotional strength, which will lead to severe fatigue. Be extremely careful in communication, weigh every word. Watch your diet and sleep patterns: it helps you keep yourself in shape.

Weekends are better spent at home, recuperating.

For you, this week will be a real creative breakthrough. You will see a long-standing problem in a new light that will allow you to easily find its solution. It is likely that you will receive a proposal for an interesting new work: do not be in doubt: you can handle it!

In financial matters, it is better to ask advice from close people or to find out the financial forecast for the week. Weekend will bring a pleasant surprise.

This autumn week will bring all the signs of change in life, new discoveries and opportunities. We wish you inner peace, good luck and inspiration, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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