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Astroprognoz Natalia Pravdina for the week from 12 to 18 June

Astroprognosis of Natalia Pravdina for a week from June 12 to June 18

Natalia Pravdina is a famous psychologist, coach and master in the tradition of feng shui. Her astro predictions can help you quickly reach your desired goal, preserve vitality and attract good luck.

Each of us wants to realize our dreams and go hand in hand with good luck. With the help of copyright affirmations by Natalia Pravdina for every day you can achieve the desired, without making special efforts.

Monday, June 12

On the first day of the week, the weak energy of the moon can badly affect your well-being. Try not to overload yourself with work and spend more time in the fresh air. The evening can be spent in the company of close friends who fully share your interests and views on life.

New acquaintances and communication will be especially useful for those whose work constantly requires new ideas.

Tuesday, June 13

June 13 is an energetically strong day. This day seems to have been specially created for self-development and strengthening of its own biofield. If possible, the solution of important issues and difficult work is better postponed for another time.

Rest and try to notice the beauty in the usual things.

Wednesday, June 14

The middle of the week is filled with strong, but unstable and changeable energy. Practitioners advise on Wednesday morning to make a detailed list of mandatory cases and periodically check with him throughout the day. Concentration and meticulousness will help you not to fall out of the workflow and complete all things on time.

In the evening, you need to relieve stress: this can help you a relaxing bath and a good book.

Thursday, June 15

On Thursday, the location of the planets will contribute to an overall increase in energy levels. June 15 is a good day for those people whose work is connected with physical labor. If you are not one of them, then a long walking tour combined with walking meditation can help strengthen the energy field.

In the evening, a light dinner and a short warm-up will help maintain tone and maintain health.

Friday, June 16

On Friday, due to the transition of the Moon to the constellation of Pisces, the level of emotional energy will increase dramatically. On June 16, various practices of performing the desired can have great success. For example, the desire card, made in the tradition of feng shui, can help to attract material well-being to everyone.

It is better to spend the evening of the last working day in the company of friends.

Saturday, June 17

17 numbers of special attention may require a home and life. The most usual cleaning, grocery shopping and dinner preparation in a short time will help to put your thoughts in order. According to astrologers, the Sabbath is best suited to change your destiny.

On the thin plan, the easiest way to rebuild the energy channels is at the end of the weekly period. This can help you practice «general cleaning in your life.»

Sunday June 18

According to bioenergy, on Sunday the energy cycle is closed, and the restructuring of the biofield for a new period begins. On Sunday, you can tune in to a new work week only by taking a break from all worries. Country trip, meeting with family, friends or favorite hobby will help you to refresh your energy and gain strength the next day.

You can plan important affairs and meetings in June of the year with the help of the lunar calendar. We wish you a good week and a great weekend. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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