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Yuriev day May 6: folk traditions and omens

Yuriev Day May 6th of the Year: Folk Traditions and Omens

St. George’s Day — the national name of the day of St. George. On May 6, the Orthodox Church celebrates this date with a festive liturgy. In the people there are many signs and traditions of this day.

People can hear several versions of the names of the holiday on May 6: St. George’s Day, Yegori Veshny, Yegoryev’s Day. At this time, the Russian church celebrates the commemoration of the martyr for the faith of George the Victorious, who is the patron saint of farmers. Ecclesiastical and folk traditions are revered on a par, therefore clerics admit celebration according to the precepts of ancestors.

Traditions of St. George’s Day

St. George’s Day is considered the day of the holiday with the shepherds. In the old days, they were given a hearty lunch in the fields, as well as gifts. The shepherds were valued, because they were sometimes trusted by the most valuable thing — cows and other cattle.

In the old days, this day, for the first time, herds were driven out to the fields after a long winter break.

The brides also considered George their patron saint, prayed to him for the gift of good suitors and attracted love with the help of proven rituals.

In earlier times, on Yuryev Day, merchants and peasants began to conclude deals and trade agreements. On this day, they began to plant vegetable seedlings in open ground, sow carrots and other crops.

Dew on the day of the holiday is considered healing. She is washing her face in order to cure illnesses and avoid new diseases. Helps the dew to protect against damage and the evil eye.

If the negative energy is already present, then the following rite is performed on the affected person: smoothed with bare feet walks in a circle, trying to wet the feet as much as possible. Himself or with the help of relatives reads the plot:

“As the dew is small in droplets, it forms ponds together, the streams are sonorous, and my strength is small, but with support it increases a hundredfold. Whoever has caused damage — to dew not to wash, illnesses not to clean, not to walk on honest ground, but to crawl with a worm. Go away, guilty, my doom, from where you came.

Chini intrigue your master, and throw me, throw.

On May 6, magical rituals aimed at protecting livestock from wild animals, disease and theft were traditional. Many ceremonies were aimed at increasing the fertility of animals. For this, the hostess made dandelion wreaths until dawn, pronouncing:

“I weave the power of the earth into a wreath, I create protection. Whoever will get a wreath on his neck is not visible;

Wreaths were hung to all animals, without exception, and they were necessarily carried out under the arches, which were usually made from scrap materials and decorated with fresh greens. Such a wire cattle before the first pasture promised the welfare and prosperity of the economy.

Often, priests would go out into the fields to fumigate crops and read prayers. They prayed for the preservation of the harvest, on which the lives of people in wintertime directly depended.

On May 6, people necessarily visited the church, where they prayed to the saint for the protection of crops and livestock. They asked for mercy and protection from various misfortunes, enemies and thieves.

Signs on Yuriev Day

  • May 6, followed the weather. It determined how successful the harvest would be.
  • Warm and clear on Yuriev day — summer is coming.
  • In Yuryev, the day they laid off their handicrafts, and also did not engage in wool, did not take products from it in their hands. It was believed that otherwise the wolves would cut the whole flock of sheep.
  • On a holiday, it was forbidden to curse and scold. It was believed that a foul-mouthed person could be killed by lightning during a thunderstorm.
  • On this day, heavy rain foreshadowed good haymaking and an abundance of grass in flood meadows.
  • If on Yuriev day the weather is not happy with the heat and the cold wind is blowing, then this weather will last for a long time. However, with the moon waning, the wind will soon change to the south, disperse the clouds and bring warming.

  • Mosquitoes in a flock wind for a long time — to heat.
  • Dew in the morning is abundant — to the harvest of millet.
  • If you noticed frost on the trees, then waited a rich harvest of buckwheat.
  • If it was cold in the morning, overcast or rainy, and it cleared by the evening, then late sowings will be successful.
  • If from 6 to 7 May the night is warm, then the bread will ripen to the first frost.
  • The southern wind — to a rich harvest, the north — to the early frosts in autumn.
  • If the leaf on a birch is large, then expect a good harvest.
  • Mistresses for the night hung out a wet towel. If it dries in the morning, there will be a lot of cucumbers this year.

Traditionally, Yuryev Day is celebrated merrily, so as not to shed tears. Begin active work in the fields and gardens. In today’s world, in St. George’s Day, girls can engage in bringing love to life, and gardeners and gardeners can ask the patron saint for help in growing the crop. We wish you good luck and happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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