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Year of your birth: the secret of the last digit

Year of your birth: the secret of the last digit

The last digit of the year of birth has a unique sacred meaning. With the help of the ancient Chinese calendar, everyone can find out this value and calculate their own fate.

According to the eastern horoscope, on Earth there are five elements: Water, Fire, Metal, Earth and Tree. Every newborn belongs to one of them. Each element has its own potential, giving people a special character, way of thinking, habits, preferences and skills.

The proposed calculations of astrologers and esotericists collected by the dailyhoro.ru team will help you to understand the nature of yourself, what path is predetermined to you from above.

The Elements of the Earth (8, 9)

People of the Earth elements are distinguished by reliability and patience. They are responsible, attentive to relatives and close friends. Earth forces endow them with well-developed intuition and ambition.

They are balanced, accustomed to solve problems according to a predetermined plan without unnecessary emotionality.

The people of the earth have an excellent sense of tact, are disciplined and are making every effort to achieve excellent results in their work. They know how to value money and are prone to rapid enrichment through the rational use of finance. The element of the Earth gives people a tendency to conservatism.

The predominant traits of earthlings include the desire to control all processes and the fear of the unknown. They are characterized by panic attacks and nervousness before future events, the outcome of which is unknown. Of the negative character traits can be noted bursts of aggression and stubbornness.

Element of Fire (6, 7)

The element of Fire gives people a thirst for adventure and action. They have the willpower and energy that makes them natural leaders and leaders. Tendency to compete gives fiery people with passion and thirst for victory, therefore, having set a goal, they are able to literally jump over their heads in order to succeed.

Astrologers say that the people of Fire have a bright temperament and can not stand loneliness. In this regard, they maintain warm family relationships, get married early and surround themselves with trusted friends. However, due to the explosive temperament, they often display aggression and emotionality that repel people.

Ambition for these people is often a disadvantage. Under the influence of emotions, they can make mistakes, correcting which often make the people around them.

Elements of Wood (4, 5)

People of this element are distinguished by generosity and good nature. They stand firmly on their feet and have extraordinary thinking abilities. Often manifest the gift of persuasion, but do not use it for selfish purposes.

Despite the integrity and monumentality, the people of the Tree are prone to display their creative abilities.

Astrologers point out such features as hard work and perseverance. The element of the Tree gives its wards the ability to distribute the forces to achieve the desired. They are deprived of mercantile spirit and are satisfied with what they have earned by honest and fruitful work. They are great friends to rely on and prefer teamwork, avoiding management and oversight.

However, tree people often suffer from workaholism. In an effort to work, they misjudge their strength and take much more responsibilities than they can fulfill in certain periods. Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru recommend that representatives of this element alternate work with proper rest and learn to relax, so as not to become hostage to chronic fatigue and constant exhaustion.

Element of Water (2, 3)

These people are distinguished by flexibility and emotionality. They are able to show sincere sympathy, help whenever possible and be able to adapt to the changes around them. They have a wonderful imagination, which is often the determining factor in the choice of profession.

Astrologers note a large number of writers, philosophers and free artists among the people of this element.

The element of Water gives insight and the ability to find points of contact with other people. Diplomatic skills help them to realize not only their abilities, but also to help others determine their own inclinations and passions. Water helps to find the simplest solutions and the easiest way out of these situations.

Experts of the site dailyhoro.ru note that people of water often resort to their abilities to manipulate people, so others should be attentive to their requests in order not to be held hostage by these excellent psychologists and not start to perform someone else’s work.

Metal Elements (0, 1)

People of this element have a strong character and independence. They are firm in their convictions and not prone to displaying strong emotions. They are distinguished by friendliness and a desire to help, in communication they prefer balance and mutual respect.

The element of Metal gives people determination and confidence. They do not need the approval of others, they do not strive to become part of the crowd, keeping themselves apart and achieving goals with persistence and consistency that many may envy. With all their positive characteristics, Metal people are often prone to manifestations of impulsiveness associated with material independence and luxury.

A rush of emotions can make them overestimate their own capabilities and find themselves in a constrained position due to spending money to purchase items that are not needed.

Each element in its own way affects people. To succeed in life, you should start combating weaknesses and use natural stones that can improve the positive qualities and enhance your energy. You can trace your fate with the help of numerology.

Accurate calculations will help you determine the future path of development. We wish you good luck and success in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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