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Year of the Yellow Dog

Yellow Dogs

Each year in the eastern calendar has its own specific features, because not only the animal patron is replaced, but also the elements. It is important to understand and take into account the basic predictions of the Eastern calendar when planning cases.

Chinese or Eastern New Year is a very colorful and interesting event. This is an important day, because it is during this period that the “ruler” changes. we say goodbye to the Fire Rooster and meet the Earthen Dog.

Many people mistakenly believe that the Dog will take effect on January 1, but it is not. It will happen on February 16, on the second New Moon after the winter solstice.

Characteristic of the year: positive aspects

in Eastern culture is described as a year of great spiritual victories, a rethinking of life, a year of mental fertility. This is a great time to learn, to start it or end it. New knowledge will fit in your mind much better than usual.

This will be especially true at the beginning of the year, that is, in the spring.

Earthen Dog will help you discover hidden talents in yourself, but not develop them. You will have to do this yourself, as well as look for the areas of their application. A successful outcome for many people is a change in the way.

Changes must be perceived as auspicious, as the grace of heaven, the universe.

Perhaps you look at familiar things in a different way. This is also very good, because the gray days will go away. As soon as you can change your attitude to the world around you, you will see your happiness, feel it with all your soul. This is a very difficult period of your life.

Be sure of that.

people will be more calm than in. This is due to the urgency of the elements of the Earth. Peace and kindness will descend on the world. Of course, it will not be to everyone’s liking, but true respect and success can only be seen by those who learn to respect the interests of others, become more diplomatic and sensitive to other people.

This is a great time for important purchases. If you were going to buy an apartment or a car, then try to do it precisely, because the elements of the Earth will give you wisdom and the ability to correctly assess the current situation in the financial sphere.

Negatives of the Year of the Dog

The Yellow Dog interferes with the expression of emotions, prevents the personality from developing in all directions at once. For those who are used to living in a dynamic manner, this will be very bad news. Of course, it will be possible to figure out how to catch up, but this will require out-of-the-box thinking, with which there will also be disagreement.

In a word, the year will be strewed with various unpleasant trifles, which will not change your life drastically, but will contribute to the fact that you feel weak and helpless. This is the year in which karma is cleared by experiencing various difficult situations. At such times, people are often blamed for all circumstances, and this is not without reason, because circumstances will be stronger than all of us.

The universe has its grandiose plans, which it will try to embody the Yellow Dog.

Yellow Dog can disrupt your plans, so try to be more circumspect. Your enemies will be very active, but will show their hatred very carefully. Because of this, you can incorrectly stick labels. By the way, about labels — it is better to refrain from conclusions as often as possible.

Even the closest people can offend you in word or deed, and the real enemy will laugh behind your back. Calculate the villain will be difficult, so do not rush to conclusions about people.

Secrets of success for the year — diplomacy, productivity and hard work. These will be the three pillars of happiness. Add kindness and honesty to this to get the perfect set of person, successful in everything.

In love, in business and in finance, the most patient people will succeed in getting their way. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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