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Year of the Rooster: which talismans will bring good luck in the new year

Year of the Rooster: which talismans will bring good luck in the new year

The coming year of the Rooster makes its own adjustments in the life of everyone. Enlist his favor and bring luck to his side will help talismans. Their energy will bring prosperity and abundance to life.

People from ancient times use talismans in various moments of life. Their action is aimed at protection, luck and the search for the second half. Talismans in the Year of the Red Rooster are also important in order to spend a year on the wave of positive and well-being.

The choice of your charm can be made, guided by their zodiac sign. In this case, the chosen talisman will remain to talk for good luck and carry with them. Christmas amulets are also aimed at achieving the desired.

Attract luck, happiness and wealth with the help of talismans, bought or made with your own hands.

Talismans to attract good luck

A great way to raise your spirits and create a talisman will be a written statement of your desire. To do this, choose a beautiful sheet of paper, preferably a bright color, and write what you expect from the coming year. A beautiful envelope and a flirty red bow will attract the attention of the Red Rooster, and it will surely help you in the execution of your plans.

A talisman that brings good luck and abundance, can become a bag of cereal. The villager Rooster is greedy for treats and will patronize a generous and welcoming host. To make a talisman for a year, in a small bag with applique or symbolic embroidery of the Red Rooster fill in several types of cereals. It can be millet, corn, rice, peas.

There also should put a small feather and firmly tie. The talisman works best in the kitchen. It protects products from spoilage and does not allow food supplies to end at the most unexpected moment.

The new broom will be an excellent talisman. A little trick will help you attract what you want with this familiar household item. In order for the talisman to work, you should put it in the corner upwards with rods. A blue ribbon will attract the desired position or a new job, a white ribbon will attract the love and mutual feelings, a white ribbon will add health and vitality, and a green bandage will help you achieve financial well-being.

The selected fabric should be decorated with a broom at the base of the panicle, asking it to sweep out of the house fail.

The talisman can also perform a decoration on the Christmas tree, made by hand. During the manufacture of the talisman for the coming year, you should think about the future well-being. Before you decorate the forest beauty, you should hold the jewelry in your hands and speak to attract good luck with the following words:

“I will not miss my happiness, I will catch my luck by the tail. I decorate the Christmas tree, I attract well-being ”

You can catch luck with the spruce branch. It is enough to take a small part of it and stick it on a red sheet of paper. So you will save it from falling down and save happy memories not only in memory, but also materially.

On the back of the paper, write your wishes for the coming year of the Rooster and ask him to carefully consider your requests. The branch can be decorated with glued multicolored beads. Clean the application in a secluded place and leave it for the whole next year.

The talisman of abundance and luck for the year can be a regular sock. Make a choice in favor of a striped paint product. Together with households, write your desires on bright pieces of paper and hang a sock on a window on New Year’s Eve or place it on a window sill. Next, put a saucer with grain and a bowl of clean water.

The rooster will definitely visit the hospitable family and be the patron for the whole year.

Magic and miracles happen more often than we think. Thanks to the energy of happiness and mental confidence of millions of people, desires and requests come true on the mysterious New Year’s Eve. Believe in yourself, and happiness will surely visit you and your home. We wish you good luck in all your endeavors, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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