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Year of the Red Rooster

2017 year of the Red Rooster

Each of us associates a new year with interesting opportunities and positive changes. That is why it is so important to know in advance the features of the coming year.

Someone is waiting for the New Year holidays to start living anew, while others want to get rid of past problems, and some are waiting for midnight to make the most cherished desires that have special power and come true much faster.

2017 will be influenced by the Red Rooster, which is considered a symbol of good luck and abundance in the Eastern calendar. If you know the features of this bird and enlist its support on New Year’s Eve, then for the next 365 days you will enjoy life and receive good news.

What to expect from the Red Rooster

In the eastern calendar, the Fiery Rooster is considered one of the brightest characters who loves noisy companies, laughter and colorful attributes. Therefore, no need to skimp on compliments and praise. However, all words must be sincere and go with all my heart.

This bright bird feels a lie a mile away, and if you decide to lie even in some trifles, then luck will turn away from you for a whole calendar year.

The rooster likes to admire himself, but he is capable of much when he sees that the partner’s feelings are real. In such cases, its second half will be surrounded by love, attention and elegant gifts.

Having shown ingenuity, creativity and professionalism, everyone can achieve success in business. If you want to make a career, then by the New Year’s Eve you should already have a plan of action and a clear goal that you want to achieve. And in order to facilitate the Rooster’s task, use methods that will help you correctly make your wish.

The most important weapon in achieving your goals will be your honesty and openness. If you decide to achieve something workaround, it will only aggravate the situation. Success in any field is kindness and honest business.

Then abundance and happiness will become your constant companions.

How to enlist the support of the Red Rooster

One of the most important events is the New Year’s Eve. Everyone already knows the fact that how to celebrate the new year, so spend it. Fire Rooster loves everything bright and colorful. Therefore, prefer red colors and large shiny accessories.

But remember that everything should be in moderation, and do not overdo it with decorations. By the way, these accessories will subsequently become excellent talismans for the whole year.

This year is simply created for big noisy companies with friends and relatives. Fun, jokes and a lot of positive — that is the key to success for the entire upcoming period. Spend New Year’s Eve in a large company, let the laughter flow like water and the table full of food.

The rooster will appreciate it and will respond with gratitude and generosity.

Due to the hot-tempered nature of the Rooster, not very pleasant situations may arise, so you will especially need the ability to smooth out the growing tension in time. Short audio meditation before bedtime will help to find harmony in the soul. Tune in for good luck, think positive and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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