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Year of the Red or Fire Rooster: how to

2017 Year of the Red or Fire Rooster: how to

We all constantly hear about the year of the Monkey, Snake or other animal. The year will pass under the auspices of the Rooster, but which one is the main question that many people ask.

In Eastern philosophy and culture, there are many animal patrons. Each animal is special, as it has its own special characteristics and gives good luck in something concrete, but in something, on the contrary, it interferes. Chinese horoscope and calendar came to us from ancient times. The Chinese still live by the very rules invented many thousands of years ago.

They are strikingly different from ours, so even the New Year in the east is met at another time.

2017 year of the rooster

Many argue about whether this Rooster will be Red or Fiery, but few know that this is essentially the same thing. Red is the color of fire, and not only in Chinese philosophy and culture. These concepts and names are absolutely equivalent and equivalent.

In total there are 12 animals and 5 elements, so one cycle lasts 60 years. This means that the next Fire Rooster will be in 2077 only. Fire gives the Rooster strength, fully revealing its properties.

This is the best color for this Sign. In itself, this animal in the horoscope is presented as a restless and very businesslike. Red color gives an already dynamic year even more unpredictability and passion.

2017 will be good for love, not for intrigues and fleeting feelings, but for true love that binds people forever. Weddings this year will be extremely positive and enjoyable, so do not miss your chance to create a happy family.

Special luck is waiting for people who will try to succeed in work or in business. Red Rooster — business. He loves when a person seeks to improve their status. The only thing with such priorities should be avoided — excessive complacency.

It will be absolutely useless to you.

When will the year of the Red Rooster

Usually, Chinese New Year does not come at the same time. This is due to a special tradition that says that the New Year comes on the second New Moon after December 21. This means that the Fiery Rooster will come into force only on January 28, because the beginning of the year in China falls on this date.

Do not forget to make a wish on this day, because the Chinese believe that it should come true.

Many people mistakenly believe that on January 1, the Rooster will replace the Monkey, but this is not so. Now you know that in Eastern philosophy everything is a little different. New Year in China and its neighboring countries is a big event. The whole family must be assembled.

This is a good tradition that can be adopted for us. To celebrate the Eastern New Year, workers are allowed to go home for 15 days, because they understand that traditions are most important to them.

Remember this on January 28, when the Red Rooster replaces the Fire Monkey. Meet the year surrounded by loved ones. May this year be better for you than the previous one.

Do not forget about the best divinations for the Chinese New Year. In the east, such traditions also exist, so on January 28 of the year you can begin a fifteen-day cycle of divination. Be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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