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Year of the Red Fire Monkey

2016 Year of the Red Fire Monkey

The New Year is a reason to change yourself and your life for the better, to make your dreams come true and achieve your goals. According to the eastern horoscope, the symbol of the coming year is the Red Monkey, and the patronage of this animal will leave its mark on the coming period.

should be prepared for any surprises, because the monkey is an unpredictable and eccentric animal. Depending on the circumstances, she can show both her light disposition and irrepressible aggression. In order for all things to evolve successfully, in the new year it is recommended to listen more often to intuition — it will take you on the right path in confusing situations where the mind will be powerless.

In addition, the Monkey loves those who are guided by inner feeling, because deep intuition is also inherent in her.

Year is considered not the most favorable for global initiatives. Monkeys, and even more so Fiery (or, as they are also called, Red), and therefore most changeable, do not like planning and seriousness. Even if you have thought through every detail, it can “play a trick” and at once destroy all your efforts. However, just as unexpectedly, it may show its favor — and then you will not have time to look back as your ideas will be successfully implemented.

To get the location of the symbol of the year, you must act outside the box, original and quickly — then good luck will accompany you in all aspirations. Remember that the Monkey is very partial to the material well-being and prosperity.

As soon as the year of unhurried and deliberate Goat becomes a thing of the past, vigor and activity will take effect. It may well happen that rebuilding from a slower pace of life to a more impulsive life will not be easy. But over time this will pass: the main thing is not to miss the favorable wave and act according to the circumstances.

The monkey is unusually positive and vivacious, and it will share these qualities with everyone in the new year, so problems will be overcome with ease, and the experience of joys will be more vivid.

Year promises to be rich in interesting events and dating. The ease, manifested in the character of the Hostess of the Year, will eliminate the difficulties in the interaction of people: it will be much easier to establish relationships than usual. Therefore, one who is in search of love will surely find what they want.

The year is favorable for marriage. Relationships in a family formed under the auspices of Monkeys will always be light and strong: the difficulties of life will not distract the spouses from each other, and household trifles will not cause scandal. The Red Monkey is very respectful of love, home and motherhood, therefore, it will bestow its favor on everyone who shares these values.

Enlist the support of the Fire Monkey should immediately, as soon as the year will come into its own. To do this, pay special attention to the holiday table, clothes in which you will celebrate the new year, as well as gifts for loved ones and relatives.

Maintain your inner fire and enjoy life. Confidence in your abilities, positive emotions and the ability to enjoy the moment — the key to success in the year of the Fiery Red Monkey. We wish you the best of luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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