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Year of the Fire Rooster

2017 Year of the Fire Rooster

Each year has its own patron animal. The Fire Monkey will pass the baton to the Fire Rooster. According to the eastern horoscope, this year will be quite favorable.

The Year of the Fiery or, as it is also called, the Red Rooster is a year of sociability and beauty. If you know how to behave correctly this year, you can make good luck follow you, not lagging behind. It will be useful in all areas of life, and especially in love.

Character of the Fire Rooster

In order for Fortune to bestow your favor on you, you should always remember that the Fire Rooster is a sign that radiates brightness and aesthetics in itself. If you look for this beauty in everything, then luck will not bypass you.

Do not forget that the Rooster will take effect not from January 1, but from January 28, as the Eastern New Year begins on the second new moon after December 21. This Chinese tradition has been living for more than one thousand years.

The fire element guarantees that this year will be just as energetic as the previous one, but due to the fact that it is not a leap year, energy can be directed towards getting everything that this or that person wants. Red is a reliable guard against dark forces, a symbol of rebirth and renewal, so the year can be used for spiritual cleansing and development.

This year will be very favorable for those who are in search of their second half, because the Rooster is a sign of sociability. People will be greedy for compliments and any manifestation of warmth. This can be used to get closer to who you like.

The main thing — do not be timid and be a little more confident than usual.

A strange craving for praise, inherent in the patron of the year, can blind you, so there will be no extra care. Do not be fooled by flattery, otherwise you just can use. Do not lose your head, then everything will be fine.

In business, business and finance, luck awaits people who are determined and attentive. If you don’t let things go, any project will be crowned with success. One has only to close his eyes for a moment, and the moving train will be so far from you that you will not have time to catch up with him.

Empty promises, excessive selfishness and indiscretion can lead to a fiasco. In a word, it is better not to play gambling, or else you risk losing your pants. Lift your spirits with something not adventurous and do not rely on the Russian «maybe.»

Try not to open your heart to every person you meet, for there must remain a certain mystery in you. If you were born in the Year of the Rooster, then expect an emotional outburst with side effects in the form of jealousy, passion, scandals, as well as numerous conflicts. For creative people, this year can be symbolic and revealing — pay attention to everything that has at least some meaning, for only this way it will be possible to get new ideas in your piggy bank.

Cautions in the Year of the Fire Rooster

Fire Rooster is the personification of unpredictability. Be prepared for any outcome in their affairs. Do not disregard anything that may have any impact on your life.

Start making plans for the next year even before its occurrence. But do not stick to the established path once and for all: mobility and dynamism, the ability to adapt to sudden circumstances will be a reliable help for successful activity. When the universe pleases, then it will help you get a well-deserved rest, buy something expensive or solve a serious problem.

For people who are married, Fire Rooster will be very positive, but people who are at the beginning of a love relationship should be more attentive to the feelings of the second half, because the year will be a test of strength. If you manage to survive it without significant quarrels and partings, you can create a strong relationship with your loved one and a family worthy of respect.

Do not forget to make a wish map for the Year of the Fire Rooster. Prepare for this largely unpredictable period in advance. Let only fortune follow you. Remember that in life a lot of things are decided by your own thoughts.

Think about the good and do not be afraid to dream — this is the main advice on the Eastern calendar for the coming period. I wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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