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year: how to dress for New Year’s Eve

2017: how to dress for New Year’s Eve

To attract good luck and prosperity in the New Year will help competent choice of clothes. What accessories and colors of the wardrobe will draw the attention of the capricious Red Rooster, this article will tell.

New Year’s holidays are around the corner, and many have already begun preparations. The talismans, bringing good luck, will help to meet the host of the next year fully armed. In order for luck not to leave you and your home, you also need to choose the right decorations and products for your feast.

Fiery Rooster is picky and eccentric, changeable in mood and unpredictable. In this regard, the choice of colors for evening dress is not limited. Feel free to use the opportunity to look extraordinary and brilliant.

Clothing and colors

The bright plumage of the Rooster allows you to experiment and enjoy fitting outfits. Pay attention to rich red color. Spectacular satin dresses will not go unnoticed and will attract not only luck, but also admiring glances. Bright accessories and colorful shiny sequins will help to diversify the costume and not get lost in the crowd.

Saturated colors will suit ladies in search of their chosen one and will emphasize sexual energy. For those who are in a relationship, astrologers are advised to choose delicate shades of coral, yellow and orange.

You can pay attention to the emerald, golden, brown and black colors. The bright plumage of the Rooster combines the play of almost all the colors of the rainbow, and the Symbol of the New Year will not exactly deprive the attention of self-confident individuals. Fabrics made from organza, silk and velvet symbolize luxury and attract monetary well-being.

You can effectively look not only in a short dress for cocktails or a classic toilet to the floor. Bright blouses with intricate patterns and ruffles, as well as pants and skirts will be a success. Shoes should be comfortable first.

A high heel will emphasize slenderness and will symbolize the spurs on the paws of a bird, and a flat or raised sole will embody stability and self-confidence.

Men on this night do not have to use classic costumes. Fashionable jeans or skinny trousers in combination with a bright shirt and suspenders will create an image of a self-confident hooligan, and additional accessories will emphasize the playfulness of the image and remind you of confidence and self-sufficiency.

Accessories and amulets for luck

When choosing accessories should be aware of the combination of colors and not overdo it. Flirty hat, decorated with colorful feathers, just do not leave indifferent capricious bird. A light veil will add charm and mystery.

The choice of jewelry and amulets that bring good luck depends on your taste preferences. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, use decorations that will suit you according to the Sign of Zodikak.

On this day, men can diversify their wardrobe with an unusual bow tie or tie with an extraordinary print. Remember that the clothes of your companion should be in harmony with your chosen outfit. And if you are wearing a luxurious burgundy dress, make sure that the man looks to match you and put on a matching color shirt.

Astrologer Natalia Pravdina also shared her recommendations on choosing clothes and hairstyles on this magical night. Make wishes, dream, love and cultivate. May the New Year bring you only positive emotions and a steady income. Happy holidays, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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