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year according to the Slavic calendar

2016 according to the Slavic calendar

Astrology is a fairly common and popular science, but in addition to the horoscope familiar to us, there is also a similar Slavic calendar, which is as reliable as its eastern counterparts.

In accordance with the Slavic calendar, each person is assigned a resemblance to one of 12 animal totems. Each of them has its own characteristics, like the familiar Zodiac signs. About what awaits us in the future, and how to find good luck, the Slavic calendar will tell each Sign separately.

Bear (December 10 — January 9)

Those born under the sign of the Bear will bestow a year of success and well-being, but Fortune will be able to win over and significantly improve the state of affairs only if they are diligent and develop willpower. This year will be more than productive for you if you show what you are capable of.

Wolverine (January 10 — February 9)

2016 is the year of love for you. Good luck is on your side, it will be easier to meet you, and people will feel your aura of emotional power. By the end of the year, Wolverine’s influence will weaken.

Slavic wisdom says that sometimes you need to have time to get what you want before it is too late.

Raven (February 10 — March 9)

At the beginning of the year, your Token will bring you a lot of positive. Crows are wise by nature, so try to direct your intellect in the right direction. Good luck will help you prepare the foundation for future success, which you will experience later, probably in the second half of the year.

Ermine (March 10 — April 9)

Be careful at the beginning of the year, especially in the winter: the Slavic calendar warns you against rash decisions. Find an extra reason to think twice before making a significant purchase or before saying important words to someone. Caution is synonymous with the word “good luck” for you this year.

Toad (April 10 — May 9)

Toad this year expects a lot of surprises, which should be treated very calmly, because it will not immediately affect the current events. Humility, ability to wait and discretion will help you to accept even unpleasant surprises with honor. Our ancestors considered such years as a means of gaining rich life experience.

Grasshopper (May 10 — June 9)

In accordance with the Slavic calendar, those born under the Sign of the Grasshopper will have many new features that should be implemented as soon as possible — but not at a loss to the quality of what has been done. Good luck will bring the decision of important matters and problems. This year is favorable for purchases of any value.

Khomyak (June 10 — July 9)

This year will be a great time to invest your savings in experience, in leisure and in future development. Slavic calendar invites you not to be afraid to set ambitious goals, as this will give you good luck.

Snail (July 10 — August 9)

As usual, you may not want to rush to achieve your goals, but the year is the period when you can solve many problems. Snails will be lucky this year in love, and luck will accompany you in sports. A healthy lifestyle and attention to physical fitness are welcomed by astrologers.

Ant (August 10 — September 9)

This year will be your starting point for the future. Slavic predictions say that the wise men in such years usually predicted the Ants time, on which the future will largely depend. This applies to all spheres of life — from love and health and ending with work and deeds.

Beetle (September 10 — October 9)

This year, perhaps, there will be a person who will help to change your destiny for the better. The only difficulty — to identify such a fateful acquaintance from all your surroundings. Be careful, because it can be your soulmate.

Beaver (October 10 — November 9)

Judging by the Slavic calendar, invisible obstacles may arise on your life journey. Be careful when making new acquaintances, as well as trust only the closest. Good luck will bring you caution along with hard work.

Dog (November 10 — December 9)

Psam can relax a little, because this year will give you peace and quiet. Beware of people and events that may hinder you. Also, Slavic horoscopes warn: aimless and unreasonable quarrels can bring great failure.

2016 will be a very rich year for all of us from the point of view of ancient Slavic predictions about fate. Experts note that in the end, this year promises to be very productive for almost everyone. Be successful and happy in it, and still do not forget to press buttons and

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