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World Astrology Day March 20

World Astrology Day March 20

Today, March 20, astrologers celebrate their professional date. This is an important day, combining a large amount of positive energy and good mood.

Today, at 13:28 Moscow time, an astronomical spring will begin, as the Earth will overcome one quarter of the total distance around the Sun. In other words, today is the spring equinox. Starting from this day, the night will be less and less, and the heat will be more and more.

The meaning of this holiday

From March 20, a new zodiac circle begins. The sun passes from the sign of Pisces to the sign of Aries. Spring begins, therefore, the forces of winter and summer are completely equal.

This is a day of equality, harmony, so the energy is pure. On this day, everything is saturated with positive waves emanating from the planets and stars.

The meaning of the holiday is purely symbolic. This is just an important date for those who are fond of astrology. International Astrology Day is celebrated not only by experts, but also by those who simply love to live by the stars and planets.

Traditions and Signs March 20

Psychics advise today to conduct rituals to attract love and wealth, as well as charge talismans and amulets. Today, much faster than usual, you can get rid of the evil eye, a negative program or damage. The simplest, but very effective ritual for this is the ritual «Power of water».

In front of the mirror, it is necessary to drink a glass of cold pure natural water, saying the plot: «I leave all the bad, let all the good in, Amen.».

On this day, the ancient Celts celebrated the holiday of Ostara — the day of renewal of natural energy. Today, many countries celebrate the New Year: Iran, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and other Muslim nations.

World Astrology Day is a tribute to the memory of this science, which originated several thousand years ago. She teaches us that nothing in the world happens by chance. This does not mean that only the stars regulate our reality.

Negative or positive thoughts also do this. Much depends on your outlook — even interaction with planets and stars. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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