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Why in Epiphany need to swim in the hole

Why in Epiphany need to swim in the hole

The Orthodox holiday of Epiphany has many traditions. One of them — swimming in the hole — is the most interesting and fascinating.

The ambiguous opinion about swimming in the winter time causes a lot of controversy. Some claim that they are doing a godly deed, while others doubt it, preferring to talk about the pagan roots of this “fun.”

Why is baptismal bathing at baptism

Some priests believe that bathing during the winter cold is a relic of the pagan past. People try to show their prowess, through a bold action to join God and Heaven. However, swimming in the hole has a deeper, sacred meaning for many people.

Through such actions, people themselves give the test, thanks to which they get rid of sins. Bathing in the hole for them is an act that can cure the soul of the negative.

The priests note that the main thing is the fact of the baptism of the Lord on January 19, therefore bathing in the hole is not a mandatory element, forcing everyone to test their strength and their bodies. And most importantly, this action will not cleanse you from sins and will not bring relief. Sincere repentance and the desire to leave any negative in the past imply constant prayers, education of the soul and opposition to evil, which is constantly trying to turn people away from the true path.

There is no consensus on whether to bathe during baptism. Separate opinions lead to the fact that in some churches they practice bathing, while other clergymen strongly oppose, calling the ritual useless.

Dip into the hole or not — the case of each of us. Remember that you are endangering yourself, and if you have never been tempered before, then swimming in the winter can end in illness. Preparation for ablution in ice water must begin long before the holiday, otherwise there is no need to talk about any benefits. We wish you well-being, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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