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When will the feast of the Presentation of the Lord

When will the feast of the Presentation of the Lord

Christian holidays are of great importance for every believer. The feast of the Presentation of the Lord is no exception, so it is worth remembering about it without fail.

This day is associated with the story of the baby Christ. The essence of the festival will be revealed if we recall its other name — “Bringing to the Temple”. On this day, the Virgin Mary first brought the future Savior, who turned only 40 days old, to the temple of Jerusalem.

That was the old custom.

Mary and the baby were met by the elder Simeon, who was called the God bearer. It was he who had the honor of being the first to meet Christ in the temple — in the house of God the Father. As the Gospel says, the elder Simeon was at that time as much as 300 years old. Once upon a time, translating the Scripture, he doubted the future of the immaculate conception and wanted to correct the «virgin» to «wife.»

And then an angel, the messenger of God, appeared to him and informed that he himself would be convinced of the truth of the Scriptures and live as long as it takes.

When the feast of the Presentation of the Lord is celebrated

This holiday is included in the church list of those who never translate, which means that the church annually celebrates it on the same date. Celebrate the Presentation on February 15th.

In the temples and churches on February 15 will be held festive services, dedicated to the Meeting. A church visit on such a day is an important time for the congregation. Coming to the temple, each person symbolically repeats the path of Christ, who at the Meeting for the first time was brought into the walls of the temple and appeared before God.

In essence, the Meeting is the day of this meeting, through which the truly believing Christian passes.

Traditions to celebrate the Presentation: our days

The traditions and customs of celebrating the Presentation are connected not only with the church history of this day, but also with pagan traditions. Similar things happened with other dates of the church calendar, if they were superimposed on previous, pre-Christian beliefs. For example, the day of the prophet Elijah is associated with the commemoration of Perun, therefore in the minds of the people the elder Elijah could strike evil with lightning and thunderstorms.

Deletion also left its mark in the minds of the people. Many customs will be associated with it.

According to popular beliefs, on this day winter meets spring. This means that although February frosts are still possible, cold and cold can still subside. Our ancestors believed that on this day spring and winter were fighting for supremacy, and if winter had won, they waited for new frosts, and if spring had the upper hand, the first thaws.

  • If there are many stars in the sky at the Meeting in the sky, winter will still be felt.
  • Heavy snowfall promises rainy spring.
  • Sunny and clear sunset in the Candlemas — to the imminent end of winter.

The awakening of nature to the Meeting is not far off, therefore, on February 15, they were already beginning to ask for abundant harvests and good weather without droughts or fires. Check whether the old observations work, and.

Not all signs of the Presentation are related to the weather. It was believed that the dishonest person who stole or committed that day would soon lose more than he gained. There were signs associated with monetary well-being: the money left on the table will bring poverty, and the lost, on the contrary, will return with interest.

At Candlemas, you can read the troparion in honor of this church holiday:

Rejoice, gracious Virgin the Virgin, for from You the Sun of righteousness has shone, Our Christ is our God, enlightening those who are in darkness. Have fun, and you, righteous old man, who embraced the Liberator of our souls, giving us the resurrection.

They learned about health and the future from a candle on Candlemas: if the flame burns smoothly, everything will be fine, and if it moves like in the wind, or it gets a strange tint, it is better to be careful.

Celebrate the Meeting with us. Learn more about the signs for the Meeting and remember the prayers for the holiday — for example, the main prayer to the Virgin Mary «Virgin Mary, rejoice.» And do not forget to press the buttons and

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