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When Samhain is celebrated in October

When Samhain is celebrated in October

Samhain is a fairly common holiday in some parts of the world. Based on the name, many may think that they are not familiar with it, but this is well known to many Halloween.

If to be faithful to the end, then Halloween is a modern interpretation of the ancient Celtic holiday Samhain, which is celebrated to this day. October 31. This is the day on which people decorate houses in the West, and children go to ask for sweets. There are a lot of films about him, a lot of literature and other information, so that Western traditions quickly took root in Russia in our Internet era. Recently, people are often interested in the true history and roots of this holiday.

Customs, signs and fortune telling on Halloween are similar to the Samaynov ones, but there are still differences.

history of the holiday

Many scientists say that Samhain appeared before our era. There are many versions of how to pronounce the name correctly — Sawin, Saun. In the Celts, the third month of winter was close in pronunciation to Samhain.

Scientists believe that it was in honor of November that the ancient day of all saints was named.

Initially, the Celts lived in western and central Europe. They were very religious pagan people, so they had quite a lot of gods. They believed in the rebirth of souls, therefore, despite the fact that they were distinguished by cruelty, there was no respect for the dead in their hearts.

These people respected the faith of their fellows and always remembered that death is more than it seems at first glance.

The Celts had a division of the year into two major stages: dark and light. Dark began in November. He was met for three days. Subsequently, when the Celtic peoples began to lose their traditions and move away from each other, the holiday renamed them “the three nights of the samonios” to “Samhain”.

This pagan holiday continued to celebrate even after the arrival of Christianity. So it was with the Old Slavic pagan holidays and Orthodoxy. Until now, these ancient traditions are alive and people remember them.

Scientists cannot say what the meaning of the ancient Samhaina holiday was, but they are certain that in the Christian countries of the British Isles people gave the holiday a tinge of supernatural character. On this day they commemorated the dead and made offerings to the souls of the dead. It was the 8th century.

It was then that the beginnings of the modern holiday of All Saints Day, which is also celebrated on October 31, began to appear.

Samhain nowadays

Celtic culture is not dead. It continues to exist. Samhain did not die from the lives of people.

Moreover, this holiday is celebrated even by nations far from Celtic culture — for example, in Russia. In large cities, festivals dedicated to Celtic culture are held on Samhain’s day. And let the true meaning be lost in places over the years, but the spirit of the past still hovers in the air at such events.

Previously, the Celts in Samhain harvested and met the winter, slaughtered cattle and shared food. Now in Ireland, Scotland and some places in England, October 31 is still celebrating not a new analogue of Samhain, when everyone changes their clothes into ridiculous costumes and have fun, but a real day of preparation for winter. Then, over the next two days, people commemorate the dead.

This mainly applies to the northern parts of the UK.

Fans of Celtic culture in the big cities of Russia arrange festivities for October 31, organize musical concerts and have fun. This is different from a true ancient holiday, but it doesn’t look like Halloween either. Thus, we can say that modern Halloween has only the roots of Samhain, because the true essence of October 31 is to meet with the winter and the end of the summer period.

The Celts even had their own Celtic horoscope, the features of which were told by Marilyn Kerro. Some call it the Druid horoscope. This is quite a popular trend in astrology and predictions, which is widespread all in the same Western Europe, Scotland, England and Ireland.

There are such holidays in many cultures; our ancestors and ourselves are imbued with the spirit of history itself. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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