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When does Chinese New Year begin

When does Chinese New Year begin

Chinese New Year is a special holiday. In recent years, due to the popularity of the eastern horoscopes, it is increasingly loved to celebrate it in Russia. This solemn event has its own customs and traditions of celebration, as well as a completely different date for the beginning of the year.

2016 on the Chinese calendar

The Chinese New Year is celebrated according to the eastern calendar, and the number that it accounts for changes annually. This holiday in China comes every year at different times. This circumstance is due to ancient Eastern traditions.

it is celebrated on the night of February 7th and 8th. This means that the main holiday should be held on the second day, the 8th, but to welcome the coming year, its animal patron and good spirits should be from midnight.

How to celebrate the year according to Chinese traditions

If you decide to celebrate the New Year, first you need to lay the table. Festive meals should definitely include fruit and sweets, as well as plenty of vegetables. Monkey will be the mistress of the year, so do not skimp on her favorite treats.

The Eastern calendar states that the elements of Fire come into force on February 8. Therefore, the ideal option would be if you put on a festive tableware with a pattern of a warm color — red, orange or yellow. This does not mean that you immediately need to purchase several new red services, regardless of whether you like this color or not. Any dishware will do, but warm colors will simply be more favorable.

So you, in fact, from the very beginning of the year, have tasted the energy of Fire and recharge yourself with optimism, light and energy for your accomplishments.

Another good solution would be glasses or cups with a floral pattern or fruits painted on them. You can attract well-being with a beautiful vase. By the way, the Chinese are widely used in the New Year decoration flowers, so you can buy a bouquet at home. True, in winter flowers are expensive, so proceed from the possibilities of your budget.

You shouldn’t celebrate a holiday with an empty wallet — you will scare away wealth.

On the eve of the New Year, decorate the indoor flowers like a Christmas tree. One or two toys and a thin, elegant “rain” are enough. In the East, Ikebana’s homeland, they love floral decorations and minimalism, so this decor is quite appropriate.

In general, it does not matter how much you garlanded everything around you — the main thing is that you are surrounded by beauty and well-being. Remember the Fire Monkey, invite her into the house by purchasing a statue of this beast or drawing its image. Dragons are considered to be good fire spirits in China. Do not be afraid of them, because according to the traditions of the East, they have nothing to do with snakes, temptation and evil.

The dragon personifies wealth and wisdom. Postcards with his image, drawings, holiday posters, drawn with the children — all this will bring happiness. A good talisman will be a children’s toy dinosaur.

Usually they make them kind and funny, and you will have a wonderful New Year’s mascot.

It is better to decorate yourself with gold jewelry. This metal is considered in China a symbol of well-being. You can use jewelry, if it is bright and interesting — the Monkey loves all the catchy and extraordinary.

For dresses, astrologers recommend red, golden or tropical colors.

In the Celestial Empire, it is customary to launch Chinese lanterns into the sky in honor of such an event. If you can realize this, then luck will not leave you. Bright and colorful, they are not only a symbol of celebration, but also a conductor of desires, made by you and conveyed to Heaven itself.

New Year is a warm holiday that can be celebrated with friends and family. It does not happen much — probably, therefore we celebrate it first on January 1, then on 13 — Old New Year! — and then also on the Chinese calendar. Recharge positive energy on February 8, attract beneath your roof patrons of the year and only light forces, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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