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When celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

When celebrate the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady

The Assumption of the Mother of God is one of the most important holidays in the Orthodox culture. He is joyful, despite the fact that he is associated with the death of the Virgin Mary, because it has become only a spiritual reincarnation.

On earth, the Virgin Mary was an ordinary person, whom a special destiny had originally awaited. She was destined to become the immaculate mother of a child who came from the touch of the Holy Spirit. It is impossible to imagine what feels like a woman who gives birth to a child, whose goal is to save the world and who is doomed to suffering and death for all people.

That is why the Assumption of the Virgin is celebrated on August 28, which is one of the main 12 holidays in Orthodoxy.

history of the holiday

When the spirit of the Virgin Mary went to heaven, all the apostles inexplicably gathered in Jerusalem at her funeral. After the death of Jesus Christ, the Mother of God took charge of John — one of the apostles. About how and when she died, unfortunately, is not known.

At first, the holiday was a simple day of remembrance, and then it began to be considered the day of the death of the Virgin. Even later, when Orthodoxy came to the Russian land, the clergymen introduced the Assumption Fast. This is one of 4 multi-day posts, which is dedicated to the Mother of God and the memory of her.

In its honor, all Orthodox Christians eat only vegetable food three days a week, and use wine and fish only on weekends. Excuse amusements, festivals, fornication or wine drinking are forbidden for the likeness of Lent to the Assumption fast. It is customary to prepare for the Assumption with prayers and humility, in order to later remember the Mother of God during the break-up.

Assumption of the Virgin

Year after year, the date of the celebration does not change — August 28th. the traditions will remain the same: there will be a festive liturgy in the churches, people will begin to break their fast after a two-week strict Assumption fast. At home, the parishioners will also read prayers dedicated to the reunion of the Mother and the Son, thanks to which there is everything that surrounds us now.

After the burial of the Virgin Mary and the traditions of her land, the apostles gathered to commemorate the Blessed Virgin at the table. She appeared to them and said: «Rejoice, for being near me with you forever.»

The chief messenger of God, the archangel Gabriel, spoke about the death of the Virgin Mary, therefore, he is also remembered in prayers on this day:

Blessed Archangel Gabriel, tirelessly I pray that you will guide me on the right path, the servant of God. Help me get rid of filth and be established in faith. Strengthen and protect my soul from the temptations of the devil, and ask our God for the forgiveness of my sins.

Hear me, a sinner, praying to you for your help and intercession. And now and ever and in the age of ages, amen.

According to folk traditions, on the Day of Assumption, they say goodbye to the summer and meet autumn. At this time, it is customary to share the harvest with the poor and the sick. It is also accepted to forgive those who have offended us in the past, for by letting our offenders go and forgiving what they have done, we become closer to God.

People whose mothers are no longer with us, commemorate them.

By reading on August 28, the prayer «Virgin, virgin, rejoice.» This great prayer is on a par with Our Father, because it is no less miraculous. Pray whole-heartedly, being morally prepared: be pure from negative, from bad thoughts and from urgent matters.

Read a prayer before bedtime and after waking up in the morning. We wish you a bright holiday Assumption, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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