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Wheel of the Year: Yule Winter Holiday December 21

Wheel of the Year: Yule Winter Holiday December 21

Yule — a family holiday of winter and change. On this day, you can attract good luck, financial well-being and health, if you know the peculiarities of the holiday and observe its traditions.

Yule is one of the 8 major holidays of the Wheel of the Year, otherwise known as the Winter Equinox. In the Celtic tradition, Yule is considered an analogue of the New Year, but unlike our main winter holiday, it is celebrated on the night of December 20-21. On Yule night, the words uttered aloud have special power, and thoughts become material.

What is the Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is the 8 main holidays of the North, marking the transition between the seasons, the harvest and the 4 Equinoxes. Yule opens this annual cycle, and lasts another 13 nights after December 21. This time is called “truthful,” and, according to Celtic omens, even a single lie at this time can destroy the whole subsequent year.

On the night of December 20 to 21, you can «build» the desired events for the year ahead with the help of visualization and turn the dream into reality. To do this, you must follow the traditions and customs of Yule night.

How to celebrate Yule

The main symbol of Yule is an evergreen tree: spruce and pine symbolize eternal life and the rebirth of nature after a cold winter. Therefore, on the night of Yule, the tree should be in your house, festively decorated with shiny toys and shimmering garland.

Yule is considered a time of unity with native people, so they spend the holiday night with family and closest friends. Unlike Samhayn, where you can be alone for reflection and meditation, it’s better to create a warm atmosphere of happiness and peace at Yule: your future destiny is built on this holiday, and the state of mind you are in at this time is extremely important for further of life.

The second most important symbol of Yule is fire: a fire, a log in a furnace or a large candle — the source of the sacred Yule fire that carries protection from evil forces. Burning a fire Yule is a small but very important rite that instantly creates a festive atmosphere. For its execution, you will need branches for a fire, if you have your land, or a large white candle, if you spend the night of Yule in the apartment.

It is necessary to turn off all sources of light and light a yule fire, saying these words out loud: “The brightest light will accelerate the densest darkness! May all be said on this night! ” The fire should be lit all night, so if you decide to make a fire, then take care of the candle by which the fire of the Yule night will come to your home.

There are several beliefs associated with the Yule night of December 21. Following the beliefs and signs, you can attract well-being, love and family happiness into your life.

Abundant treats. Yule has long been preparing a variety of treats and laid a festive table. The obligatory dish was the bird, and the traditional drink was apple cider.

It is believed that the more dishes will be on the table this holiday, the richer the family will be all year.

Bed and night. On the night of Yule, it is not customary to deny shelter to an accidental traveler who looked in at the light. If friends unexpectedly come to you in the evening, it means that the meeting is not accidental and pleasing to the spirits of the holiday. Feed the guests, tell them about the holiday and be sure to leave to sleep.

The more hospitable you are, the better the spirits of the Wheel of the Year will treat you.

True tales. On the night of Yule, you can get rid of something that prevents you from living and being happy. To do this, you need to clothe your problem in a fairy tale and tell it to those present, holding in your hands a yule fire.

The flame will take all the evil out of your life if you really sincerely want to part with it.

In the Wheel of the Year, Yule plays an extremely important role, being the Celtic New Year and a truly family holiday. We wish you to spend as many warm evenings with family and friends as possible. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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