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Wheel of the Year: Imbolc Winter Holiday

Wheel of the Year: Imbolc Winter Holiday

At first glance, it is illogical to celebrate the end of the winter period at the very beginning of February, but Imbolc has several features that not only allow everyone to update their own energy if they wish, but also fully explain this time of celebration.

The Wheel of the Year is a large cycle of major annual holidays in the Northern tradition. The imbolc is a milestone marking the approach of heat and light in the gloom of a cold and long winter. The date of this holiday is fixed: Imbolc is celebrated from dusk on February 1 and until the next morning.

This night is filled with wonders and has an extremely strong energy that can be used to achieve goals and fulfill desires.

How to celebrate Imbolc

First of all, Imbolc is a holiday glorifying the transition from darkness and cold to warmth and light: with its arrival, the days begin to lengthen, the nights shrink, the sun peeks more often, and the bitter cold gradually gives way to spring warmth. It is this motive that sets the tone for the whole holiday, therefore Imbolk is a time of laughter, easy communication and jokes, warming drinks, strengthening of family ties and immersion in yourself for the sake of rebirth and harmonization.

Practitioners of the Northern tradition recommend on this night several possible ways to mark Imbolc:

  • symbolic feast with family;
  • making amulets and amulets;
  • meditation;
  • solitary or joint rites of well-being and prosperity.

Since at Imbolk we only call for heat and light in our lives, it is considered extremely important to start lighting the path on our own. Imbolc winter holiday is the time of candles: during a long night from February 1 to 2 at least one large white candle must be lit in the house, standing on the window. The remaining candles can be extinguished before going to bed, but the longer they burn, the better the year will be.

It should be remembered that the traditional colors of the holiday are white, silver, yellow and pink, so it is better to choose candles from this color scheme.

At Imbolk, it is customary to clean the house thoroughly, thereby renewing the energy of the living space and preparing it for changes. General cleaning in Imbolc contributes to the free flow of vital energy: this means that with the help of the usual cleaning that day you can get rid of the negative in the family, failure, and even illness.

In addition, the night from February 1 to 2 is considered the best time to communicate with spirits, seances and communicate with Brownies. Traditionally, it is customary to put a cup of warm milk to Domoviy and another one — outside the window, for the spirits who remain outside the house this night. Thus, it is possible to establish contact with the spirits on the subtle plane and enlist their help and support in difficult situations.

The Wheel of the Year will turn again on the night of February 1 to 2, giving life to warmth, which will soon end a long, dark winter. On this night, you can find out your future by using simple fortune telling for tomorrow. We wish you a bright holiday and warmth in the soul. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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