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Wheel of the Year: Beltein Spring Festival May 1

Wheel of the Year: Beltein Spring Festival May 1

The Wheel of the Year is an annual calendar in the Celtic tradition. On the holiday of love and spring Beltein, each person can change his life for the better and find the way to harmony and beauty.

Beltain is one of the 8 holidays of the Wheel of the Year, traditionally celebrated on May 1st. This day is intended to show all the beauty of a resurgent nature and awaken the love of life, the world and those around you in the heart of each person. This day begins the countdown of the new period ending on the harvest festival of Lammas on August 1.

In the Celtic tradition, Beltine is preceded by the Walpurgis Night: it is considered one of the strongest nights of the year. In the circles of practitioners and esotericists, Belteyn begins to celebrate at sunset on April 30 and end at sunset on May 1. On this day, it is extremely favorable for any practitioner related to feelings:

  • meditations;
  • divinations for love;
  • love spells;
  • rites of harmonization.

The history and traditions of Belteyn

The beliefs of the Celts are associated with God and the Goddess, which are reflected not only in every natural phenomenon, but in every person. Thus, in Belteyn, every woman can feel like a goddess, enchanting and filling the surrounding space with feminine energy. Every man can become the embodiment of strength and courage, protection and support for his woman.

On this day, it was decided to «weave» their fate out of colored ribbons. For a noisy and cheerful rite, the May pole was chosen: it was a trunk of a dried-up tree two heads taller than a man. The pole was securely hammered into the ground, and a heap of colored ribbons were tied to its upper end.

Further tapes with songs were woven into the braids, and a wish was made for each of them.

Beltein’s traditional colors:

You can also weave your Destiny without a May pole: this will require 7 ribbons of different colors and a stated desire. The tapes must be braided into the braid, speaking out the necessary changes out loud, and when the ribbon length is over, the braid must be tied into a knot and kept in your house until the wish is fulfilled.

At Belteyn, it is customary to renew your home and the surrounding living space, therefore general cleaning of an apartment can quickly renew your energy field, and a clean-up day in a park or garden will attract positive changes in your life.

Before cleaning, it is accepted at Belteyn to say out loud what you want to get rid of, and after it is completed, you must immediately take out the garbage: it is considered that with it you get rid of all troubles and misfortunes.

However, first of all, the spring festival Belteyn is dedicated to love between a man and a woman. For this reason, all the love rituals and divinations on this day have special power. You can “call” your happy love, if you have not yet met your soul mate, or improve your relationship with your loved one with the help of harmonizing relationships.

We wish you warmth, love and sunny mood. Be happy and do not forget to press the buttons and

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