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Wheel of the year: autumn holiday Mabon September 22

Wheel of the Year: Mabon Fall Holiday September 22

September 22 is the day on which you can radically change your Destiny. How to get rid of lack of money and to attract wealth and good to yourself, they will tell the practices of the northern Wheel of the Year.

Mabon, otherwise known as the Autumn Equinox holiday, is celebrated from 22 to 24 September each year. On this day, traditionally, it is customary to get rid of problems, to sum up the results of the outgoing year before a long winter, and to bring good fortune and material wealth into one’s life.

What is the Wheel of the Year

The wheel of the year is called one year in the northern tradition, which includes 8 major holidays, dividing the year into several periods. The Wheel of the Year for the Scandinavians begins with the holiday Yule, or the Winter Solstice, which is celebrated on December 20th. Next comes Imbolc — a mid-winter holiday with a fixed date: February 2.

These two holidays fall on the winter period and are associated with winter fun and treats.

Spring period Wheels of the year also includes two holidays. The first, March 19, is marked Ostara, or the Spring Equinox. This date is considered the day of the final victory of spring over winter and the revival of all life after a winter sleep.

The second main holiday of spring is Belteyn or Beltan — the holiday of love and life.

After Belteyn, the Wheel of the Year spins up and summer comes — a time of rapid growth, flowering and solar energy. The Scandinavians attach great importance to summer: this is the time of growing stocks for the whole following year. Therefore, the first holiday of the summer period, — Lita is filled with colors, laughter and dancing.

In our Slavic tradition, Lita coincides with the holiday of Ivan Kupalo, and even the rites of the Scandinavians are in many ways similar to the rites of our ancestors.

After Lita comes the time for hard work and growing crops, which are diluted with the feast of grains and apples — Lammas. This day is celebrated on August 1 and is similar to our Apple Savior. Lammas closes the main summer period, pushing the Wheel of the Year further, towards the autumn frosts and the harvest festival — the Autumn Equinox, or Mabona, which is celebrated on September 22 each year. After Mabon, the Scandinavians celebrate the second autumn festival — Samhain or Samhein.

It is considered a holiday of commemoration of the dead and it corresponds to Halloween, which is widely celebrated with us.

Thus the Wheel of the Year closes. Between 8 seasonal holidays there are also many dates associated with the lunar cycles.

Wicca and the Wheel of the Year

In the Wiccan tradition, the Wheel of the Year begins slightly shifted and begins not with the Winter Solstice, but with Samhain. This is due to the peculiarities of the rites and the number of full moon and new moon, each of which Wiccans celebrate, conducting ceremonies and rituals for attractiveness, monetary success and attraction of love.

Mabon and his traditions

Mabon is a celebration of harvest and prosperity. This is the day when you can sum up the past period from winter to autumn, count your failures and achievements, say goodbye to the first and multiply the second.

By tradition, the main colors of the holiday are red, yellow and gold. The energy of these colors contributes to the abundance and prosperity. This combination can be used in the wardrobe and interior on this day: for example, put on a red dress and gold jewelry, and lay a red tablecloth on the table and put yellow napkins.

The holiday of the Autumn Equinox implies a bountiful table and a meeting with family and friends. It is believed that the more people you gather at the table today, the more intense the year is waiting for you ahead. Scandinavians Mabona’s main dish is roasted meat and potatoes. Next in popularity are mushrooms, meat or apple pies and grapes.

Among the drinks, preference is given to homemade fruit and berry wines and apple cider.

Ritual for well-being in Mabon

The evening of September 22nd is a great time for a well-being ritual. Rituals and rituals are widely used throughout the world. This ceremony will not require much time and effort, but it is well suited for those who wish to call into their lives happiness and prosperity.

For the ritual you will need:

Choose a quiet evening, finish all household chores and make sure that no one distracts you. Think about what you want: it can be either a certain amount of money, or just a boost along the career ladder or an increase in material well-being for the whole family. Take a needle and write your intention on the candle in a few words.

After that, rub the candle with the selected oil and dry dill.

Put a candle on the stand light. Look at the flame and imagine in detail what you want. If you need a specific amount, imagine what you will do with it. Visualize what you want as long as you can.

After that, thank the Universe for all that you have for today and leave the candle: it must burn to the end, you cannot put it out.

The energy of the Wheel of the Year has great power and can suit all who wish to live by the eternal laws of nature. We wish you well-being, financial prosperity and happiness, and do not forget to press buttons and

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