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What will be the year of the Slavic calendar

What will be the year of the Slavic calendar

Slavic calendar does not lose its relevance over the years. On the contrary, in the modern world, people are increasingly turning to it.

It will be very unusual, because it will be influenced by the Curled Up Hedgehog. This patron is very unusual and ambiguous in nature. Since January 1, the Crouching Fox will be replaced by the Hedgehog, so you should start thinking about how to change something in your life, but not in the local, but globally.

Try to rewrite your fate in advance, look into the future.

Love and relationship

In love, the Rolled Hedgehog will help you survive the hard parting or get used to a new person, to a new second half. Adaptation to the new conditions will be more successful than before. The rolled Hedgehog perfectly helps to cope with troubles to all who are vulnerable.

This applies to newlyweds, parents with a small first child. Any doubts about happiness will have to be dispelled very quickly. It will be a great time to replenish the family.

Marriage in such a year will also unite the young family. Try to escape from the clutches of everyday life, if you are in search of the second half. The more and more you will try to fight with negativity and apathy, the more chances you have for successful finding of love or friendship.

Any relationship is better to build on trust. Diplomacy will often come to your aid, but you should not rely on the fact that kindness will open all doors. If someone tries to take away your love and happiness, do not stop at nothing. This is especially true for men who are overly compliant.

A little audacity will not hurt you, especially at the beginning of this year. Proponents of quick success will have to suffer, because people will not make contact too easy. The rolled Hedgehog will force everyone to work hard.

Secrets need to be kept, and their secrets — do not blab out anyone.

Finance and career

From January 1, you will need to stop spending money mindlessly. Austerity must be supported by common sense. Otherwise, you will be disappointed again and again. Hedgehog puts a taboo on useless purchases that many people like to make from time to time.

The exception will be those acquisitions that can be called forced.

Borrowing is not worth it. Very carefully you need to take a mortgage and loans, if you are determined to buy an apartment, house or car. It will be a good year for the accumulation of finances.

In any case, it is better to think a few times before buying something. It is best to invest in your own comfort. You can buy something for home, start making repairs.

At work, each person will be influenced by their own doubts, but not by those around them. This means that you need to put your thoughts in order, removing doubts and negative programs. Thoughts are material — remember this for all the coming 12 months. you need to do more planning, to avoid sudden troubles.

Try to think about what will happen next. The present tense must be worked out beforehand so that there are no unforeseen difficulties. This is the year of punctual people and those who do not like to throw words to the wind.

The energy of the main symbol of the year according to the Slavic calendar will be orderly and constructive.

Mood and health in the Slavic calendar

The rolled Hedgehog is a symbol of solitude and tranquility. Spend more time with your family or alone. Do your favorite things and creativity.

A creative fuse will appear in you at the beginning of the year, which will open new doors. The most important thing — do not forget about honesty with respect to themselves. The mood will be good if you do not chase the stars and not petty. All money can not be earned and not become good for all people.

It is necessary to offend somebody anyway.

But you sadness and resentment can get round. Everything will depend on the environment, on the company. Unfortunately, it will be easier to get infected with laziness or depression.

Think with your head, so you do not regret that you did not listen to your heart at an important moment.

It is best to schedule holidays during transition periods — from February to March, from May to June, from August to September, or from November to December. Hard work is the main condition for success, and proper and timely rest will play an equally important role in the development of your luck. Overwork will not do you good — your health will be precarious this year.

You should have a desire to become better in everything, but you don’t have to sacrifice anything. If the universe has plans for you, it realizes them in any way.

This year will be rather calm in terms of its energy, but far from the most successful for initiativeless people. Try to maintain composure and monitor health. Failures can sneak up unnoticed, but even the most superficial caution will help prevent any problems in love, affairs and finances.

Signs of fate will surround you everywhere, because it will be spiritual time, which is designed for those who are not accustomed to believe in miracles, but do not deny that sometimes they do happen. Successes to you, and do not forget to press buttons and

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