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What troubles will a leap year bring

What troubles will a leap year bring

Since ancient times, it was believed that a leap year brings only misfortune and suffering. However, not everything is so bad. Many omens have long lost their power, so do not be afraid of the onset of the new year, without understanding the situation.

The leap year concept was introduced by Julius Caesar. Adding once every four years one day in the calendar, the Romans balanced the available error in the calculation of the day. Later on February 29, it was named Kasyanov of the day, in honor of the saint, who was famous for his bad temper. It was believed that on this day the Sun radiated negative energy and could ruin the life of everyone who falls under the influence of its rays.

That is why many have tried to avoid sunlight and did not leave the house.

Up to the present time, there are not many signs that have a negative impact on our lives. They are mainly related to health. It is believed that in a leap year the probability of getting a serious injury or the disease increases several times, and chronic diseases are practically not treated with anything during this period.

Therefore, our ancestors maintained their immunity by popular methods and did not risk trifles. Nowadays, it makes sense to take care of it on the very same “extra” day of February 29, as the negative energy increases in especially critical time periods like this.

In a leap year, we tried not to pick mushrooms, because we believed that when collecting them, we could pick up all the bad things from the ground. And here even no conspiracies helped. Therefore, carefully choose the mushroom dishes, and if you suddenly bought stale or strange mushrooms — it is better not to eat them at all.

If women were carrying a child in a leap year, then they were forbidden to cut their hair. People said that a child could be born mentally retarded if a woman in labor neglected such a sign. And if the baby is destined to be born this year, then they tried to christen it as soon as possible. Moreover, only close relatives were chosen for the godparents, so that the protection would be stronger and more reliable.

Therefore, pregnant women in a leap year need to be especially careful.

It was believed that in a leap year you can not move to a new home or change jobs. Such an act could entail a number of negative consequences. If you are accustomed to checking with national signs, then listen to this advice, and in case of an inevitable move, take the brownie with you by a special rite.

Leap years are often associated with periods of natural disasters and natural disasters. And if you believe the predictions of Vanga, the year carries not only global climate change, but also other large-scale events. Proceeding from this and from statistical data, one can definitely say that a calm and measured leap year is extremely rare.

But do not give up in front of possible life obstacles. If you rely on all the collected information, of course, you can fall into a depressive state and give up. How to live further if something threatens the world from all sides? In such a situation, it is worth referring to the eastern horoscope.

The animal that controls the next year — the Fire Monkey — gives hope and promises to make the leap period saturated with only positive emotions.

Do not despair, because in any situation you can find a way out. The main thing is to believe in yourself and allow the Higher Forces to help you achieve your goals. Then the coming year will give you a lot of joy, and efforts will be exclusively on good occasions. Radiate good, believe in love and do not forget to press buttons and

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