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What number Radonitsa

What number Radonitsa

In the church calendar there are days set aside for the commemoration of the departed. Radonitsa is the first memorial day, which follows the celebration of Easter.

Orthodox Radonitsa is a bright day, despite the fact that at this time commemorate the deceased relatives. The day is for those who have left the world of the living, a kind of Easter. This is the time when souls are moving to a better world and, through prayers, can end up in Heaven.

On this day, church ministers urge to abandon the manifestation of despondency and grief. Orthodox read prayers for the triumph of life over death, because all the departed acquire eternal life.

This holiday has a rich history, and before the advent of Christianity the Slavs commemorated the departed. The church approved the official date, and on this day they hold solemn memorial services that help the souls of the dead to cleanse themselves from sins and continue their journey to Heaven.

When Radonits is celebrated

Traditionally, the holiday of Radonitsa is celebrated on the next week after Easter and falls on the second day after Fomin Sunday. holiday date will be April 17. On this day after the service, believers go to the cemetery to honor the memory of their relatives.

Easter treats are usually left on the graves: cakes and painted eggs. However, the ministers of the church are calling to give mention to the needy, since leaving food on the graves is a pagan tradition. Candles are lit in the cemetery and prayers are read about the departed.

On this day, refuse to mention alcohol and in no case bring alcohol to the cemetery. At home you can sip red church wine and make pancakes, jelly and porridge with dried fruits, which are traditional for a memorial dinner.

In antiquity on Radonitsa they «met» the dead at home. For them, they put a glass of clean water on the windowsill, next to it a piece of bread or cooked memorial dishes were put on an embroidered napkin. Some continue the traditions of antiquity and even heat the baths to deceased relatives, so that they have the opportunity to wash themselves.

In such cases, in the waiting room, leave clean, and better new towels, which then can not be used alive.

Spend a festive day with your family and be sure to pray for the forgiveness of sins. Do not indulge in despondency so that your departed loved ones can freely leave the earthly world and head to the Kingdom of Heaven. I wish you happiness and health, and do not forget to press buttons and

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