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What number of spirits day

What number of spirits day

The Day of the Holy Spirit is one of the most important religious holidays in the church calendar. The date of celebration traditionally falls on 51 days after the Bright Resurrection of Christ. In order not to miss this important event, find out how many Spirits Day is celebrated this year.

According to the scriptures, before leaving the earth, Jesus Christ told his disciples about the miracle that they would soon see with their own eyes. After the Son of God left the earthly world, the apostles went to the Zion Chamber, where they spent most of their time at prayer. On the fiftieth day, at about 3 pm, there was a loud noise like a storm in the sky, and at that very hour the Holy Spirit descended from heaven surrounded by fiery rays. As a reward for the righteous life, the Holy Spirit endowed the apostles with the ability to speak different languages.

Thus the word of God spread throughout the whole world.

Holy Spirit Day

Like most Orthodox holidays, the Day of the Holy Spirit directly depends on the date of Easter. That is why believers should know in advance about the date we are to mark one of the most amazing events in the church calendar.

The holiday is annually celebrated the day after the Trinity. This means that Orthodox believers will be able to mark the Spirits on May 28th. On this day, worship services are held in the temples with prayers turned to the Holy Spirit.

First of all the event has a religious meaning. Spirits Day will once again make us remember the Resurrection of the Savior, as well as what miracles true faith can do. After all, it was not in vain in Russia that they attached great importance to this holiday and tried to observe both church and folk traditions and customs associated with this day.

Traditions and customs of the holiday

During the existence of paganism, the Nameday of the Earth was celebrated on this day. People revered the land and perceived it as a breadwinner, which is why at that time it was forbidden to dig and dig up the land, as well as engage in other agricultural work.

To protect the house from evil spirits, on this day doors and windows were decorated with birch branches. Young girls used birch twigs for divination. To do this, the girls made a wreath, decorated it with various herbs and flowers, and then went to the river and let it flow. If the wreath floats, then the girl will be happy.

If it sinks, misfortune will happen.

In Russia in the Spirits of the day the housewives tried not to do household chores. First of all it concerned sewing, knitting, washing and mopping. It was believed that cleaning should be done in advance in order to go to a temple with a pure soul and offer a prayer to the Holy Spirit.

In some regions of Russia, there was a tradition to wake up in Spirits the day before dawn and water the land with holy water to protect the crop from drought, floods and other natural disasters.

According to church tradition, the Spirits day begin to celebrate the evening of the Trinity. The service begins in the evening and lasts until Monday morning. The priests claim that on this day it is necessary to offer prayers to the Holy Spirit with requests for health, deliverance from sins, as well as for happiness and good luck.

On the Day of the Holy Spirit it is forbidden to refuse to help those in need. Distribute treats to the homeless, support your neighbor in a difficult moment, or just engage in charity. Engage in godly deeds, and kindness will surely be rewarded to you in the future.

The main tradition of every church holiday is the ascension of prayer. First of all, you need to pray for the happiness and health of your loved ones, and you can do this with the help of the miraculous prayer for the family. We wish you and your loved ones happiness, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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