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What is the number of the Assumption of the Virgin

What is the number of the Assumption of the Virgin

In a series of church celebrations there is a significant event, which in worldly life can hardly be called a holiday. On this day, Orthodox Christians celebrate the date of the death, or Dormition, of the Mother of God.

Nowadays, more and more people love the church. Rushing into the temple of God, each of us hopes for intercession and the blessing of the Higher Powers. A huge number of miraculous icons, guides between us and the saints, adorns the church.

People pray for different things, but no one will pass by the image of the Blessed Virgin. In her power to pray for every sinful soul of the Savior, His Son. People are given the opportunity to bring glory and thank the Virgin Mary for her great love and mercy on the day of her Assumption.

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Assumption of the Mother of God falls on August 28 of the year. Many people may wonder how they can celebrate the day of the death of the Blessed Virgin in religious circles, rejoice and extol this celebration? In Christian teaching, this is not only possible, but necessary.

Death is a gift, liberation of the soul, deliverance from sinful life on earth and resurrection in Heaven. The Assumption of the Virgin is a time for joy and glorification.

From the Holy Books it is known that the Virgin Mary prayed for her death, expecting her as a gift. Only in this way could she be beside her Son. Jesus entrusted the care of her to his faithful disciple and follower John the Theologian, who was with the Mother of God before the time of death. At the moment of the deathbed farewell, a miracle happened to the Virgin Mary: bright divine light lit up the whole room, Jesus and the angels came down from Heaven.

The Virgin Mary left her body. Jesus Christ carried her in his arms to the kingdom of heaven. That is why the holiday is popularly called «The Ascension of the Virgin.»

Life of the Virgin

Little has been said about the Virgin Mary in historical chronicles. The chronicle of her life is marked by two events: the birth and the terrible execution of the Savior.

The life of the Blessed Virgin did not differ in any way from the life of other women of that time, except that righteousness, chastity and inexhaustible love of God. As soon as she became the Mother of the Son of God and the Redeemer of all mankind, veneration, fame, and universal praise came to her.

After the terrible execution of the Son, the Virgin Mary did not know peace. John and his entire family took care of her at the behest of Christ. The Virgin Mary did not need anything, but her heart did not find comfort.

She went every day to the place where Jesus endured torment, visited the cave where He was resurrected, and prayed for an early date with the Son.

The Virgin Mary knew that the body was dead, but not the soul, believed and waited for death to finally see her Son. Her prayers were heard: God gave her moments of forgiveness and eternal peace. All the disciples of Christ rushed from different countries where they preached the word of God to the hut of John in order to say goodbye to the Savior’s mother. The Virgin Mary was weak, but with a smile she said that she would always be with them and with all Christians, that she would not stop offering prayers for their well-being and happy life.

The Virgin Mary waited for her death and ascended to Heaven.

Traditions of the Assumption

The Assumption of the Virgin is not the time for grief. Only joy should be present in your thoughts. The virgin urged not to fear death: every dead person will leave the earth, go to heaven and live forever in the Kingdom of Heaven. She waited for her demise with peace.

An example of her laid in people faith in the best and foreboding of joy from meeting in heaven with loved ones who have moved into another world.

At this time one should refrain from hard work and manual labor. You must visit the church, put a candle and read the prayer to the Virgin Mary. Even if you are not disturbed by anything, thank the Most Holy Virgin for your protection and care.

Keep the memory of Her, because the Virgin Mary presented a new life not only to Jesus Christ, but to all Christians.

Assumption of the Virgin — fixed date in the Orthodox calendar. This day is a time for joy, love and happiness. We wish you strong faith, the love of the Lord and intercession. be happy and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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