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What is the number of Orthodox Trinity

What is the number of Orthodox Trinity

The Trinity is one of the greatest holidays in the Orthodox calendar. Each year, the date of the celebration changes, as it depends on the time of the celebration of Easter.

This is a great holiday, so this day is considered special. Among the Twenty-Sixties are also, for example, Christmas, Easter, Baptism, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and many others.

Trinity history and meaning

This holiday is also called the Descent of the Holy Spirit. It was after this event that the holy apostles saw the triplicity of God. On the fiftieth day after Easter, the apostles were together.

They saw the descent of the Holy Spirit, after which they were able to speak in different languages. This day marked the beginning of the great enlightenment of people.

This is a bright holiday, devoid of grief, so it is customary to celebrate it in a good mood. This is a great time to rethink life, to meet with loved ones and to go to the temple.


The holiday is celebrated in Orthodoxy on the 50th day after Easter, therefore, it falls on May 27. On this day, everyone gives each other icons and other gifts. Believers come to pray to the temple, bringing with them birch branches that are not thrown away after the service, but are taken home.

The service itself in the church on the day of the Trinity is very unusual, because the priests read some prayers on their knees. Worshipers are also allowed to kneel. This is done for the first time after the day of the Resurrection of the Lord.

House decoration with birch branches is the oldest tradition. It is a symbol of life, goodness, beauty. This is a bright and very positive holiday.

If you do not have the opportunity to visit the temple, you can read the prayers at home, because it will be Friday, a working day for many parishioners.

What not to do at the Trinity May 27:

  • believe superstition and omens;
  • do household chores to the detriment of prayers;
  • sadness for no particular reason;
  • work in the garden;
  • to visit the cemetery, to commemorate the departed.

Simple Trinity Prayer: “Our great and eternal Lord, the lover of mankind. Illuminate us with your glory on this great day, cleanse us, your unworthy servants. Give us the power to feel your gifts and to feel your blessing. Deliver us from the evil one, from the weakness of the spiritual and from unbelief.

Help our souls to rest and find existence with You. Give us hope, faith, and love, so that we can wait for Your second coming. Hear our prayers, O Lord. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


Read this prayer every day, not only on the Trinity. This is a good prayer for a future dream and in the morning. It helps to gain new strength to move forward.

When it is hard, you should ask God for what is written in prayer: about cleansing and about giving blessings.

The Trinity is an incredibly important day. This is a celebration that separates the joy of Easter from returning to the standard mood, to the ordinary. It is important on May 27 to ask God to protect you from troubles that may occur on the path of any person, even the most righteous and honest. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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