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What is the number of halloween

What is the number of halloween

Halloween is known around the world and loved by many people. But in Russia they began to celebrate it not so long ago, so many people do not remember exactly which date to cook a festive pumpkin and scare friends with scary stories. If you like friendly parties or creatively approach family meals, do not miss this occasion to have a wonderful time.

The roots and origins of Halloween are Celtic, so the holiday comes from the British Isles. There is still controversy about its origin, but the prevailing today is the point of view on which Halloween goes back to a pagan celebration called Samhain. Later he was tied to the calendar of celebrations of the Catholic Church.

His other name, better known abroad, is Eve of All Saints Day. All Saints Religious Catholics celebrate November 1; he is associated with the worship of the Lamb of God by the saints, as known by the earthly church, as well as by those who for some reason were not canonized by it.

In the Orthodox tradition, the Day of All Saints is often called the Cathedral of All Saints, it is a passing feast — that is, not having a fixed, unchanged date — and is celebrated in completely different numbers, on the first Sunday behind the Holy Trinity.

Despite its religious background, Halloween is not a church holiday. He has long accepted the status of a carnival character, funny dressing up and noisy theme parties, where you can safely dress as vampires, and everyone will be more fun than scary. The customs of Halloween are very fond of children, who, dressed in costumes of various horror stories, traditionally beg for sweets from neighbors on the evening of October 31, before Halloween comes into its full strength.

Thus, the surest time to celebrate — night from October 31 to November 1, because in the morning, according to the canons of Catholicism, it is no longer time for merry processions in demonic horns. Because of the timing of Halloween, it is especially common among young people, but if you have children, you too can easily join the celebration. Dinner with the famous Halloween pumpkin, the joint preparation of costumes, watching an interesting movie in the evening — options for how to spend this evening with the whole family, many.

To celebrate Halloween or not — you decide. This year, it will be celebrated more extensively, because every year the celebration is gaining momentum, gaining more and more popularity. Mark on the calendar how many Halloween is celebrated, do not forget to prepare a costume for this day and meet Eve for all saints so as to drive away the evil spirits and have a good time in a family or friendly circle. And do not forget to press the buttons and

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