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What is the number of Bread Spas

What is the number of Bread Spas

In August, three holidays are immediately celebrated, called Spas. The latter, called Khlebniy, is celebrated on a large scale and has a rich history, signs and traditions. Their observance from time immemorial helps attract good luck and prosperity.

Grain Savior ends a series of August holidays. On this day, many customs are observed, they must attend the church and bake bread from fresh flour to sanctify it during the service. The Third Savior will be marked on August 29th.

Holiday History

The name of this Savior was due to the active work of collecting grain. On this day, we tried to complete all field work so that the crop would not be lost due to the deterioration of weather conditions. On the Savior they sowed winter crops, which in the coming year gave a new rich harvest of loaves.

During these works, they certainly conspired to gather a good supply of grain for the coming winter.

Savior is called Grain, as well as the Third and Last. Its unofficial name is Nut, due to ripening in the forest of a harvest of nuts, which began to be harvested in the last days of August. In Orthodoxy, the 29th celebrates the Day of the Savior, and the believers go to church to pray to the Supreme Forces for protection and patronage.

Traditions of Bread Spas

On this day, clergymen sanctify natural sources of water, food grown and gathered in vegetable gardens, and other gifts of nature. In former times, the holiday was not celebrated due to employment in field work. But the ancestors observed the weather and the behavior of animals. The birds, gathered to fly away to the warm lands before the Third Savior, promised a quick onset of cold weather.

If they were delayed, then we can not expect early frosts.

29 numbers see off summer and meet autumn. The yield of grain is estimated by how fertile the new planting season will be. So, if the grain is in abundance, it means that in the forest next year you can expect a lot of mushrooms and nuts, as well as early berries.

Several dates are celebrated in the church: on August 29, a service is held dedicated to the attainment of the Savior and the memory of Saint Diomede. This martyr was executed for his faith, and after his death, the executioners lost their sight. Believers from the very morning families are sent to church, they pray to the Higher Forces and ask for help in solving various problems.

On the Day of the Bread Savior, it is worthwhile to pray in front of the images of the Virgin and Savior, to give up the manifestation of negative emotions and visit a church or a temple. Spend more time with your family, and do not refuse to help those in need. We wish you happiness and good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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