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What is the number of baptism

What is the number of baptism

The holiday of Epiphany is considered to be one of the most important in the Orthodox culture, along with Christmas and Easter. Baptism is very important in the life of every Orthodox Christian, because even Jesus Christ accepted him to confirm his faith in the True God.

history of the holiday

At a time when Jesus Christ was not yet 30 years old and he did not begin his sermons, John the Baptist performed the sacrament of baptism for all those who accepted faith in the Lord. Soon Messiah himself appeared to John — Christ. He asked John to be baptized, having met his request with great surprise, because he is God himself — he needs to be baptized and cleansed of John’s sins, and not vice versa.

But Jesus was adamant — he is not only God, but the same person, like all other people, therefore he must be baptized, as is customary in the tradition.

That is why this holiday is also called the Epiphany. At that moment, Jesus revealed himself to the world, presenting himself as the Savior of our souls. Baptism is the cleansing of sins, the rite of moving closer to God.

The symbol of the rite of baptism is water, because it carries life.


In the new year, baptism will be celebrated on January 19th. This date is permanent and unchanged. In this truly great holiday, it is customary to perform appropriate rites. One of them is the consecration of water: it is believed that any water is holy in the evening from January 18 to 19, but in most cases people just come to the church the next day.

In lakes and ponds festive bathing is carried out in specially made and also consecrated ice holes.

On the eve of the holiday on January 18, a strict fast is observed — the whole family gathers at the table, tasting a strictly lean meal. Festive liturgy is held on January 19th. It is her people who pay tribute to the very event that marked the appearance of Jesus in the life of ordinary people — the Epiphany.

Interestingly, holy water retains its original state for more than a year, and sometimes more than two years. It shows her true strength. Holy water in the Orthodox world is usually eaten on an empty stomach and sprinkled on its shelter to protect against demonic power. Holy water wash the sick, receiving healing and the grace of God.

It is a source of purity, faith, happiness and health.

On this great holiday of Baptism on January 19, we wish you to know the power of our Lord, to be cleansed from sins and continue the journey through this world with faith. January 19 liturgy will be held in all churches of the Orthodox world. If you do not have the opportunity to attend church, then read the prayers at home. Happy Baptism, and don’t forget to press buttons and

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