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What date is Pure Thursday

What date is Pure Thursday

Maundy Thursday is the most important day of Holy Week. It is associated with many traditions and customs, and also has a deep meaning that conveys the essence of the Christian faith.

Pure Thursday is the fourth day of the last, seventh week of Lent. The final week before Holy Easter is called Passion, because it is dedicated to the memories of the last days of the earthly life of the Lord, about His sufferings, crucifixion, death and burial. Thursday, before Good Friday, is considered the culminating moment for the entire Christian world: on that very day, according to biblical tales, the Savior was betrayed. However, believers sacredly honored this day.

After all, it is assumed that on Pure Thursday there is a revival and forgiveness of sins.

Clean thursday

The date of Maundy Thursday is floating, as it directly depends on the Easter celebration. This year, three days before Easter, on the seventh Thursday of fasting, believers will meet Pure, or Great, Thursday. This event is marked in the church calendar. April 5th year. Despite the fact that the date of the festival is not constant, Clear Thursday always falls on the last week of Lent, which is called Passion Week.

This is the final stage of the preparation of the whole Christian world for the day of Christ’s Resurrection.

Pure Thursday: the essence and meaning

On Pure Thursday, we remember the events of bygone days, perpetuated in the memory of the entire Christian people. The Bible describes how three days before the execution, the Savior gathered his disciples to the Last Supper. That evening, Christ reminded his apostles that it was important to live a godly life, to be pure in spirit, and to love our neighbor.

After the service, Jesus washed the feet of all those present, sharing bread and wine with them.

At the same time, in the Holy Scriptures it is indicated that it was at this Last Supper that the Messiah told the disciples that someone would betray Him that night. The Lord already knew about the sin that Judas planned, but did not name him. Unfortunately, everything happened as Christ said.

On the night from Thursday to Friday, his entourage sold Christ for thirty pieces of silver.

There were many studies that tried to explain why the devotee Jude did this to Jesus, but none of them could clarify the sinner’s deed. One of the versions indicates that Judas was disappointed in the teachings of the Savior. According to another theory, the traitor dreamed of being convinced of the abilities of Christ.

One way or another, the apostle raised a rebellion in Jerusalem, leading the Messiah to the end of mortal life.

Despite the terrible consequences of this day, believers continue to honor Pure Thursday. Christians are eager to persist in being with the Lord in the last days of His worldly life, strengthening the Holy Week of prayer and toughening the feats of the spirit and body. On this day, believers imitate Christ, who suffered terrible suffering solely because of the love of humanity.

It is necessary to try to be condescending towards weak people, to bring goodness, mercy and love into the world. Do not condemn, stop all litigation, the courts, disputes, punishments and learn to forgive.

This is the most important day for the entire human race, as from Pure Thursday the intensive preparation for Christ’s Sunday begins. On Thursday, believers cleanse their souls and homes, food is prepared on Friday, and on Saturday, food is served to the church for consecration. On Pure Thursday, you need to atone for your sins and, if possible, forgive the sins of other people whose actions have caused you harm.

We wish you peace in the soul. Successes in everything, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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