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Wedding calendar: which month is good for a wedding

Wedding calendar: which month is good for a wedding

The choice of the date of the wedding is a responsible matter. If you believe the ancient customs and astrology, then the wedding can be played only in certain months of the year. Then love and happiness will not leave the couple.

Let’s find out in more detail what month is suitable for a wedding, and which month will bring disappointment in marriage.

January — unfavorable for the wedding. A woman in a marriage concluded this month may be left a widow. According to other beliefs, January can bring illness to her husband.

February It is considered the coldest, windiest and snowiest month. However, such bad weather will only increase feelings between the spouses. This is a good month for marriage. Harmony, understanding and love will always reign in the family.

In addition, marriage can bring healthy children.

March not suitable for everyone. If the lifestyle or work of the spouses suggests further frequent travels and travels, then March will bring them good luck. And for those spouses who want a quiet and measured life, this month will not bring happiness in family life.

April — Auspicious month for marriage. In the life of the spouses, everything will be based on the principle of balance: there will be problems, but there will be joys. In other words — the black bar will always be replaced by white. This month does not promise unlimited happiness that will last a lifetime.

There will be ups and downs.

May It is considered an unlucky month for a wedding. He will bring a lot of fuss and trouble to the newlyweds. Marriage in May, do not wait for a quiet life. There is a belief that newlyweds married in May will “toil” their whole lives.

From this month you should not expect prosperity, conjugal loyalty and good luck. Relationships in marriage will always be overshadowed by something.

June — the most successful month for marriage. The summer sun gives the newlyweds their warmth and love for a long time. Marriage will be strong, happy and long.

In love, married in June, as a rule, live happily ever after.

July — dual month. He is unsuccessful for wedding ceremonies. The first days after the wedding may seem the most beautiful for the newlyweds.

But after a short period of time they will realize that they have made a mistake. To marry in July is possible only in the case when lovers already know each other well and are completely confident in their choice.

August — favorable for marriage. This month will give the newlyweds matrimonial loyalty, happiness, warmth and love. The house will always reign peace, tranquility and financial well-being.

September — This month may be successful for those newlyweds who want a quiet and peaceful family life. Marriage this month promises a measured life, peace and quiet.

October can be considered a good period for marriage. However, at first, marital life problems may arise. But if the husband and wife will be able to solve them and overcome all difficulties, then in the future they will face happiness and love.

November It is considered a month of plenty. This time is suitable for marriage of convenience. It is also suitable for those couples who have in the first place work and financial well-being.

But if feelings and procreation are important for a couple, then it’s not worth playing a wedding this month.

December — a good month for the wedding. He will bring a lot of bright emotions and pleasant surprises. Couples who decide to link their lives in December can rely on a reliable, happy and long marriage.

A wedding calendar will allow you to choose a favorable period for marriage, which will attract good luck, love and abundance to family life. If the article was helpful to you, click on and

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