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Water Day June 21: folk omens and Slavic traditions of the holiday

Water Day June 21: folk omens and Slavic traditions of the holiday

Slavic holidays are so tightly entered into our lives that it will be difficult to manage without them and traditions even in modern life. What will bring us the day of water, which will be celebrated on June 21?

Practically everyone knows that June 21 is the day of the great solstice. This holiday came to us from the ancestors and is considered the day of the sun. It was on this day that people worshiped the heavenly body and thanked him for the warmth and joy that he bestows. No wonder the Sun has a huge impact not only on our mood, but also on fate as a whole.

Now many of the signs of this heavenly patron people have learned to decipher and use for their own benefit. Enough to follow the recommendations of the solar calendar, and you can already be prepared for any situation.

This holiday is associated with folk festivals and worship not only of the Sun, but also of Water. In another, it is also called the Day of Water and is always celebrated on the third day, after the Trinity.

Water Day Traditions

On this day, it is customary to read the water element, so it was forbidden to perform any actions that are associated with water. On June 21, it was impossible to go to the bathhouse, to wash clothes, to wash the dishes, to water the garden and to dig wells. All this could have angered the spirit of water, and those who broke the tradition spent the whole year in poverty.

But it was on June 21 that everyone asked for help and support from the water element. After all, it was on such a holiday that she gained her maximum strength. Although on other days you can also use the energy of Water to achieve goals.

She helps certain Zodiac Signs, which she patronizes.

Since this holiday falls on the summer solstice, it was believed that from this moment a new life begins. If you ask for help from nature itself, then it will certainly contribute to the fulfillment of desires.

On the day of Water it is customary to get rid of all that is old and stagnant. To this end, our ancestors performed a rather strange rite: young girls who wanted to marry were lined up, and the boys showered them with rotten eggs. This was done not with an offensive goal, as it may seem, but only so that future wives would not rot in their girlhood and find love as quickly as possible.

Signs on the day of the Water

All beliefs in such a holiday are connected with fertility. If a thunderstorm with thunder began in the morning, it meant that many would not have time to stock enough hay for livestock.

See the big dew in the morning — a symbol of a good harvest. Also from that day, we started weeding.

An interesting sign is also connected with Water. To find a good place for a new well, on the night on the ground they left a frying pan, turned upside down. And in the morning they turned over the sweaty pot and watched how much moisture it collected.

If the pan was dry, then there would be no water in the well. If there are a lot of drops on it, then this is the most suitable place for digging a well, and the water in it will always be clean.

In astrology, this is also a special day, since it is on June 21 that the Sun moves from the constellation Taurus to the constellation Gemini. Such a change is accompanied by a powerful release of energy. And this is another reason why any wish made on this day comes true much faster.

You can use already proven methods to make a wish, or come up with your own. The main thing is to start with the firm conviction that everything will happen in the best way. Open to love and change and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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