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Vernal equinox: signs and superstitions of the holiday

Vernal equinox: signs and superstitions of the holiday

The spring equinox holiday has long been considered one of the most joyful, but at the same time scary days. You can call him happy because in after a long winter the day is finally equal to the night. But it was considered terrible for the reason that it is one of the four days for the whole year when the evil forces are able to walk freely on the ground. The spring equinox is coming March 22.

Many astrologers and psychics in one voice declare that at this time it is worth being very careful in expressing your own feelings and emotions. It is not necessary to enter into conflicts and share personal secrets with others.

It has come down to us a lot about this holiday. Many of them are designed to teach people exactly how to properly meet this day in order to protect themselves from the dangers of the whole subsequent year. To begin with, it is necessary to note once again that at the time of the vernal equinox, day is measured with night. there are only two days, when the day is equal to night, it is March 22 and June 22.

Astrologers note that these days the sunlight comes down to the earth strictly at right angles and passes from the southern to the northern hemisphere. From ancient times, it was the custom to arrange folk festivals and celebrations on this day.

Signs and superstitions on the vernal equinox

March 22 should not think about the bad, because on this day, even those not endowed with magical abilities can force their thoughts on their fate. Due to the strong influence of the Sun, every person on earth is endowed with some kind of special energy, and only strong and skillful sorcerers can control it. People’s signs and superstitions warn that people must be attentive to their thoughts and emotions on the day of the vernal equinox, so that later they will not have to face insoluble problems and failures in life.

In the old days, at the time of the vernal equinox, cookies and pies in the form of larks were made. According to old omens and superstitions, it was a kind of symbol and mascot of the holiday. If on March 22 to eat a pie in the form of a lark, it will surely attract health to you for the whole year.

In addition, the cookies in the form of larks were guessing. Various objects were mixed into the dough, and afterwards they watched what fell to whom. If a coin falls out — to be rich this year, a ring — to get married, a button — success in work.

Many signs and superstitions point to the fact that on the day of the vernal equinox a witch sabbath is gathered. During this period of time, according to the old legend, all the devilry in the district is gathered on the Witch Mountain and celebrates its freedom. Many sorcerers and psychics choose this particular night for magical rituals, since their powers temporarily increase.

It is also evident from popular signs and superstitions that on the holiday of the vernal equinox, rituals of love are especially successful. In the old days on this day, many unmarried girls went to the veduni grandmothers and asked to bewitch or tell fortunes to their betrothed. But if you decide to follow their example, then be extremely careful. At the time of the vernal equinox, any spell receives tremendous power, and a love spell is dangerous even by itself.

Before you engage in love magic, think carefully, is it worth it?

Knowing superstitions and superstitions is useful, as they can contribute to the realization of some of your plans. Do not joke with magic and be careful in your actions and decisions on this day. Take advantage of these simple rules to inadvertently do no harm to yourself and others. We wish you warm spring days and smiles in March, and do not forget to press and

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