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Two New Moon in October

Two New Moon in October of the year

In October of the year, the New Moon will appear in the firmament twice. Astrologers note that this is not the most frequent phenomenon, and they tell how the two New Moons will affect the energy of this month.

New Moon is the time of complete zeroing and renewal. Immediately after the New Moon begins the phase of growth of the moon, and therefore — the gradual growth and development. Therefore, on the New Moon esoteric, psychics and astrologers are usually advised to lay the foundation for future prospects.

But there are cases from which it is better to abstain on such days. And once in October, the New Moon in the lunar calendar will meet twice, which means that each of us has twice the chance of both luck and unfavorable outcome. Drop in on the lunar calendar to be fully armed and use the phase of the moon for your own benefit.

New Moon Calendar for October of the year looks like this:

  • October 1 — the first New Moon;
  • October 30 — the second New Moon.

And this means that the new moon in October falls at the beginning and at the end of the month, thus framing the entire period.

Favorable and unfavorable affairs on the New Moon in October

Some astrologers consider some affairs and undertakings particularly successful on such lunar days. What can you do without fear?

In other words, at this time you can draw yourself a future, analyze the situation, draw up a strategy of victory, but you should not throw all the forces into the implementation of your plans.

While energy has not yet recovered, you risk running out of steam ahead of time. There are such activities from which to the New Moon is better to abstain;

  • intense physical labor;
  • ventures in which a lot depends on a happy event;
  • final decisions, answers to important questions;
  • focus on the negative.

A new moon is considered a dark time when many rites and rituals are performed. In order not to attract the negative at the beginning of October and not to incur trouble at its end, try on October 1 and 30 especially to pay attention to what gives you strength and makes you more confident. Techniques against negative thoughts can help you out.

A great idea will be the affirmations for happiness and success, compiled and recorded by you yourself, especially for yourself. Positive attitudes on such days work wonders, whereas diving into a negative can turn into other troubles.

In the days of the New Moon, it is already possible to concentrate on the practice of attracting love or money, because the negative energy of the Killing Moon is already behind. Rituals from a psychic Elena Yasevich, designed for the New Moon, will help you to achieve the desired and realize your plans.

We wish you a happy October. In order for Fortuna to bless all your aspirations and ideas, you can always consult on our website with a suitable horoscope. Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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