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Two Full Moon in March

Two Full Moon in March of the year

In March, as in January of the year, there will be two full moon instead of one. The first month of spring in the lunar calendar is designated as very unusual and even dangerous.

It will be the month of the Blue Moon. This concept means having a second Full Moon in one month. From an astrological point of view, this speaks of the special meaning of March, of its important purpose.

The danger of the two Full Moon and Blue Moon

Of course, the time between full moons will not be reduced. Just as in January, there will be more days in March than in the lunar month, and the month will begin on the 2nd full moon. The danger of the two Full Moons is not obvious, because everyone thinks that this is just a coincidence.

Within one month, the Full Moon becomes stronger and more important. Blue Moon — a consequence, and very dangerous. It is a kind of collapse of events connected in one day. These events are global, so even a group of people cannot always cope with them.

Accept everything that happens on March 31, during the second March of the Full Moon. Otherwise you will be doubly upset.

At the time of the second Full Moon, something unusual can happen in the life of a family, team, group of friends, city, country, or even a planet. Of course, the catalyst of such situations is still the will of some one person, but during the Blue Moon period the herd mentality is greater than ever. No one understands what is happening.

It is easier to control the masses on such days.

Full Moon March 2 in Virgo

The first Full Moon in Virgo will be relatively calm, but a source of depression will be born within each person. One will infect the other, which can result in large crowds of upset people in one place. It will be very hard to tune in to a positive wave.

Otherwise, this day will be quite ordinary, because minor problems will affect all.

It will be Friday, so for those who work on weekdays, in the evening it will be much easier to abstract from the turmoil. Because of this, such an evening can even become unforgettable. Rest properly in the circle of close people, but only carefully and without dynamic activities, because they can be dangerous in the Full Moon. Try to find your destination, but do not shout about what is on your mind.

Act covertly.

Full moon March 31 in Libra

Libra at the time of the Full Moon is not a very good Sign, because it aggravates almost all the negative aspects of the Moon. March 31 people will be completely different personalities. It will not be those whom we used to see every day.

Because of the Blue Moon, there is a small chance that they will remain so forever. Someone will close in, someone will become more timid, and someone courageous and inclined to risk. On such days, the very essence of a person changes, if his character is not strong enough or, on the contrary, is so strong that it can change.

One way or another, but the Full Moon on the 31st will be multilateral, universal, if you can say so. This day will be the heyday of flattery, anger, intrigue, lack of self-confidence or, conversely, reinforced concrete self-righteousness for no apparent reason. People will annoy each other. Quarrels and conflicts are possible.

Do not lose your head — many will later be grateful to you for being flexible and calm.

Two full moons in March will be very dangerous. Do not start a new business these days and do not follow your convictions too hard. Diplomacy is the way out that can bring peace and tranquility in many situations. Signs of fate will also be relevant, so watch the signs and listen to your heart, but do not act impulsively.

It is better to think twice and give up something, than to risk and regret. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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