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Tips Vanga for good luck every day

Tips Vanga for good luck every day

Everyone can find happiness. To do this, it is important to follow simple rules and eliminate the negative attitude. Use the advice of a famous prophetess Vanga so that your every day will be filled with luck and joy.

The famous Vanga left behind a rich heritage that, to this day, helps people to find harmony and well-being in life. Her wise advice is used everywhere in order to preserve the purity of the soul, to live in harmony with the world and not to let negative things into her life.

Everyday Tips for Happiness

1. Well-being and prosperity will leave your home if you use a bat or cracked dishes. Every day, eat and drink from beautiful plates and cups so that the energy of happiness remains in your home.

2. To prevent happiness in your home from being translated, put a few coins of other silver-colored countries in a secluded place. So you will bring prosperity to life.

3. For happiness and luck to be frequent guests in your home, rearrange the furniture during the New Moon. The energy of the updated night lights will help you maintain comfort and harmony.

4. Elderberry branches hung over the front door will protect your home from any evil. Cross them so that happiness will always be in your house, and all the negative will remain beyond the threshold.

5. Every day you can repeat the ritual that will help you keep happiness in the house. Pour the water into a clean, transparent dish and say: “The evil will stop at the threshold, the good inside will pass. Every guest in my house will bring me joy. ”

Throw out the water over the threshold.

6. Every morning, waking up, start to wear shoes with the right foot. So you keep happiness in your home. Leave slippers by the bed so as not to look for them.

7. Every day, make sure that there is no bread left on the table. Small pieces attract poverty and misery. Give them to animals or feed the birds so that there is always a place for happiness in your life.

8. Get in the habit of not praising your happiness, especially not telling strangers about good luck. Their envy can negatively affect your life.

9. Stumbling with your right foot, be sure to knock her on the ground with the words: «Trouble, get away from me.» If you stumble on your left foot, then wait for luck.

10. Do not store in your home broken or cracked mirrors. They take your happiness daily. There is no place for such items in your home, so always throw away the fragments in a dense opaque bag or box.

11. Take care of the mirrors in the house. Wipe them with holy water so that there is no room for quarrels and illnesses in the house.

12. Carry money only in your wallet. Never leave bills crumpled and do not store coins in the same compartment with them. So you will every day bring to life financial well-being.

These simple tips will help you get rid of failures, as well as bring to life happiness. Take care of your home and do not allow the room to be dirty. Remove spider webs and dust that accumulate negative energy. We wish you good luck, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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