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The third day of Shrovetide February 22: Gourmand

The third day of Shrovetide February 22 of the year: Gourmand

Today, February 22, the third day of the Pancake week has come. In common people it is called Gourmet. He has his own traditions.

Maslenitsa is a celebration of the meeting of spring. At Shrovetide week from time immemorial, people sang songs and said goodbye to the negative, commemorating the approach of warm days. That was the purpose of the holiday even before the arrival of the Christian faith.

Maslenitsa in Christianity

In Orthodoxy there are no divisions of Maslenitsa into its component parts. This is just the week of the Last Judgment. The clergymen tolerate the ancient Slavic rituals, so the celebration of Maslenitsa is not contrary to church canons.

The title of the thematic week to prepare for Lent was chosen, naturally, not by chance. The Last Judgment is what awaits us all at the end of time. Every person living and ever living on earth will have to pay for his sins before God. So says the book of the Apocalypse.

Even Jesus Christ himself said that he was waiting for us to return, but already in the role of a righteous judge, and not a sacrifice.

Also in Orthodoxy, this week is called a meat or cheese week. It is precisely in view of the binding to the Orthodox church calendar, the time of the celebration of Maslenitsa changes from year to year. This year, the cheese week, in accordance with the church calendar for the year, began on February 20.

The third day of Shrovetide — February 22

The third day is called Gourmand, because today, according to tradition, the mother-in-law should feed her son-in-law with pancakes. In the past, this day revealed the attitude of a potential mother-in-law to a future son-in-law. On Tuesday there were bride brides, and on Wednesday, the girl’s mother at the marriage showed her affection for the bridegroom, if he liked her.

Today, according to tradition, you need to invite your friends home to enjoy the treats together. This afternoon will end the so-called Narrow Maslenitsa. Tomorrow the Wide Maslenitsa will begin.

On this day in Russia, they always ate their fillings with pancakes and pies. Also on Lakomka continue to guess. By the way, Maslenitsa is the very time when the Orthodox Church does not allow guessing, but it does not express categorical prohibitions on it.

Divination for the betrothed continues, so you still have the opportunity to find out who your chosen one will be in the future.

Celebrating Lakomki people pay tribute to the traditions that have been relevant throughout the history of Russia. They originated almost 2000 years ago with the formation of the first areas of the future Russian state. Continue to bake pancakes, love each other and make nice to your loved ones.

This is a bright time devote to good deeds and moderate fun.

May love, luck and the light of God be with you today. Try to enjoy this day, not forgetting that Lent is near — the preparatory time for the Resurrection of Christ. Be happy not only today, but every day of this difficult fasting, which requires prayers, humility and a righteous life. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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