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The third day of Shrovetide February 14: Gourmand

The third day of Shrovetide February 14: Gourmet

The third day of the Pancake Week was deservedly called “Gourmet”. Already on February 14 you will be able to gather all your loved ones at the holiday table and pamper them with traditional treats.

Even in Russia, on the third day of Shrovetide, it was decided to hold a rich feast, which is why the Shrovetide Wednesday was called “Gourmand”. In the morning, mother-in-law began to cook pancakes with various fillings and treated their sons-in-law. However, other family members also tried the festive dish.

All the relatives gathered at the table, and after the meal they organized festivities and enjoyed themselves.

The third day of Maslenitsa: traditions and customs

Shrovetide Wednesday — the last day of the Narrow Shrovetide. Up to this point, people are just beginning to prepare for the holiday: they dress a scarecrow, build snowy mountains. Holiday feasts begin with Lakomki.

Each house is filled with guests, whom the hostess indulge in culinary delights.

The third day of Maslenitsa brings mother-in-law a lot of trouble, because each of them should please her son-in-law with delicious pancakes with various fillings. Sons-in-law should, in response, invite not only the mother-in-law, but also other guests to their home.

This day was one of the most anticipated for unmarried women and girls. On Shrovetide Wednesday, the grooms traveled to villages and villages in search of their beloved. The fair sex dress up and go out in the hope of meeting their love.

In the evening, the feast was in full swing. The mother-in-law treated the mother-in-law to pancakes, and they, in turn, sang songs about caring mother-in-law and thanked them for their kindness. After that they played small scenes with a dressed up bear and arranged dances.

Despite the fact that Lent begins after Shrovetide week, it is forbidden to starve during this period, especially on Wednesday. The name «Gourmand» says that on this day it is customary to feast on traditional festive dishes and treat them to their guests. It is considered who will eat more pancakes on February 14, for that year will be happier.

Our ancestors believed that in the oily environment everything that is in the oven should afterwards be present on the table. It was believed that a scanty holiday table — disrespect for the guests. On this day, even low-income families tried to cook as many dishes as possible, because guests should come hungry and leave to be fed and satisfied.

As drinks, kissel, sea-buckthorn tea, freshly brewed beer or compote were served on the holiday table. Maslenitsa is a fun holiday, so drinking large amounts of alcohol is simply useless.

In addition to pancakes, gingerbread, cakes, scrambled eggs and cottage cheese should be present on the table. On this day, believers try to avoid meat dishes in order to prepare for the beginning of the fast. It is allowed to eat eggs and milk, but meat is better to refuse.

The feast is usually completed with mass celebrations. To this end, in ancient times, they went out into the street, sang songs, danced and kindled small fires. Boys staged comic battles on their fists.

In the period of Maslenitsa week one should not miss the opportunity to have a good time. However, the main holiday competitions and entertainment will begin only on Thursday, which was called “Razgulay”.

Baking pancakes and burning a scarecrow are the most popular traditions of Shrovetide week. In fact, this is not just traditional entertainment, but old folk rituals, with the help of which you can get rid of problems and failures and attract happiness. May luck always accompany you and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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