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The sixth day of Shrovetide February 25: Zolovkin gatherings

The sixth day of Shrovetide February 25: Zolovkin gatherings

February 25 is the sixth day of Shrovetide week, called by the people Zolovkin gatherings. Like previous ones, this day has its own traditions and customs.

Shrovetide is coming to an end — one of the favorite Russian holidays. Today, February 25, the most long-awaited and spectacular event takes place — the burning of stuffed Maslenitsa and the performance of rites to attract good luck and prosperity. On this day, traditional festivities and visits to relatives continue.

People actively eat pancakes, not forgetting to praise the talents of housewives.

Zolovkin gatherings: the tradition of the day

On this day, the young wives invited their husbands and sisters to visit and prepared gifts for them. A sister-in-law means not evil, as they used to think, but ashes. The husband’s sister introduced the new-born family member to the brownie, spending the young wife around the stove and sprinkling ashes.

This rite fastened the family bond.

On the sixth day of Maslenitsa, the daughter-in-law necessarily collected her husband’s relatives. If his sister was married, then the relatives of her husband were invited. In case the sister-in-law was not married, unmarried friends were called. This was done so that it would not be boring to celebrate Shrovetide.

A large number of delicacies on the table were beyond the power of several people, so all the feasts were usually crowded and noisy. It was believed that hospitality and hospitality were the key to good luck and prosperity for the host country.

Zolovkin gatherings were also a kind of bride — her husband’s relatives evaluated the young hostess: how she could set the table, what she prepared for food and how welcoming she would be. After dinner, they arranged a “kiss” — the young one kissed her husband with all honest people, then each guest approached her and also kissed her with the words: “Thank you on Maslenitsa.”

Street festivities, fistfights, and wall-to-wall fights continued. Thus, people let off steam, being cleared of negative energy. Young couples on a sleigh drove through the fields, where they kissed, bowed to the ground, awakening her from sleep and endowing with energy of fertility.

We also rode on a swing, urging the Sun to quickly return to the sky and melt the boring snow. It was believed that the one who bobs above all will be successful in life.

On this day the dead were commemorated. Relatives visited the cemetery with traditional pancakes, and on return they gave the remains to the cattle so that they were healthy and brought rich offspring.

A merry and festive mood was necessary, because those who are sullen in the Maslenitsa week run the risk of losing luck and spending a year in worries and problems.

Burning the effigy of Maslenitsa was preceded by her honorary departure by sleigh. Effigy transported throughout the village, often dropping into a snowdrift. With merry songs and ditties, people proclaimed the departure of winter and met the long-awaited gentle spring.

Scarecrow put on a wide place, usually in the field. Each brought their old and unnecessary things to bring them to the fire, cleansing and carrying the update. There were also ceremonies aimed at achieving monetary prosperity, good luck in deeds and love.

Ash from the fire scattered across the field. This rite gave the earth strength for a good harvest, and also symbolized the end of the power of the winter cold in the world.

Do not forget that this week also serves as a preparation for Lent, after which Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter. Pancake week is the last opportunity to eat enough, because the next 40 days should be spent in the rigor of the body and spirit. Be loved and happy, and do not forget to press buttons and

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