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The second day of Shrovetide February 21: Litters

The second day of Shrovetide February 21 of the year: Litters

The celebration of Maslenitsa is an age-old Russian tradition that originates from the depths of the centuries. Every day of the Pancake Week has its own name and features. These traditions are observed now, bringing joy and positive emotions to all.

This year the Pancake week began on February 20 of the year and will continue until February 26. Then comes a strict Lent, designed to cleanse the souls of sins and prepare the believers for the meeting of Easter. This week is also the last opportunity for Orthodox Christians to get enough to eat, because during the period of fasting there will be a strict abstinence in food.

Litters February 21

The second day of the Pancake Week was earlier opened by the young. They sang merry songs and chastooshkas, rode from the icy mountains in a sleigh. They also harnessed horses and drove a scarecrow of Maslenitsa around the village, inviting all honest people to have fun.

The scarecrow was placed in a prominent place, the round dances were led around it, and the spring was strongly encouraged.

On Tuesday, traditionally went to visit each other. Hosts fill fed those who came delicious pancakes. The guests, in turn, generously thanked and invited me to taste delicacies.

It was believed that the welcome of guests is a guarantee of well-being and a joyful comfortable life.

The young spouses on that day were called for a walk, as well as all the relatives who attended the wedding. This ceremony is another interesting fact about the traditions of the past. Energy young — a symbol of fertility and a rich harvest.

Their fun, as well as positive emotions, helped the earth to wake up from sleep and give a rich harvest.

The funs are fun rides on the swings, playing snowballs, and spring carols. The mummers went from house to house, singing ditties, begging food from the owners. Generous offerings were considered the key to success and a happy year for the family.

Also during this period, young people were looking at each other. The young men chose their brides for themselves, deciding who to send the matchmakers to, and the girls peeked on their betrothed and discussed the guys.

Horse riding, which was decorated with ribbons and bells, was also considered a traditional rite. The more decorated sleighs, the better the flax harvest. On this day, dashing guys rode through the fields with their girls, urging the land to fertility.

The festivities continued until late evening, when tired and cheerful people went home and continued to eat pancakes with various fillings. Every day was accompanied by a stormy expression of joy, so that the year would also pass merrily and without hassle.

Remarkably, they almost did not drink alcohol on Maslenitsa, because they believed that the bad head would not allow the owner to inspect family, harvest and affairs. Therefore, limited to traditional drinks — sbitnem, sweet honey, kvass, compotes and herbal infusions.

In the Maslenitsa week, the time of divination came. It was believed that the passing winter helps to look to the future and attract the desired in your life. Do not miss the opportunity to have fun and increase your energy — because at this time, the positive, emanating from many people, is especially infectious. We wish you happiness, and do not forget to press the buttons and

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