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The power of money set aside for a rainy day & raquo;

The power of money set aside for a rainy day

Every person in life has come across a situation where they need to purchase something, but they lack funds. The surest way to fulfill your cherished desire is to accumulate the necessary amount. You can start saving money, behave more economically and try not to waste time.

Signs about the wallet

When you decide to collect money, then before you put it in the piggy bank, try to imagine in your mind what you will spend it on. So the necessary amount will accumulate faster.

Financial luck can bring a coin or bill with your year of birth. If you find one and keep it at home, you will attract wealth. In the wallet should be only things and items related to money: checks, credit cards, bills, coins.

Keeping photos of loved ones and relatives there is a big mistake, as this is how you stop cash flow and put yourself in revelry.

It is not recommended to save money for a “rainy day”, as you are programming yourself for poverty. Money is best to save or save, but not to leave until dark times. Such actions can only turn away material wealth. In this case, the law of attraction.

If you constantly think about the “black day”, then it will definitely come. Necessity will rush into your life. It is best to collect money on the contrary for something pleasant.

This may be the birth of a baby, a wedding, a vacation at sea.

Try to get rid of money that you accidentally received, for example, as soon as possible. There is a superstition that they will not bring happiness. And if you decide to spend your money on helping the poor, then you will only increase your material wealth.

Ritual «Magic hitch»

This ritual will appeal to absolutely everyone: it does not matter what importance you attach to money in life. Before holding it, focus and believe in the result with all your heart. The outcome of the ritual will depend on it.

It is quite suitable for both thrifty and wasteful people.

Take exactly 27 banknotes. For this fit coins or bills of various denominations. What it will be the total amount does not play a big role.

Find in your apartment a secluded corner and make a secret place where the stash will be stored. You can put money in a sock and put it in the closet, or hide it in the gap between the floors. Choose the right place yourself: hide the money in a book, under a mattress or in a vase.

Once you have decided where to put the money, take one coin or bill and say out loud: “Zanachka for good luck! I put money and live happily! «. Take the money away.

The next day, put another bill or coin in the stash and say the same words. This should be done within 27 days. In no case should not be missed, try to strictly follow the rules.

«Magic hitch» will help you always have a certain amount of money. The ritual has magical powers, so wealth and financial well-being will always reign in your home. The power of the “magic stash” is in what inner spirit you begin to perform the ritual.

It is important to free your mind from heavy thoughts and to bring harmony into your inner world.

Thanks to the ritual, situations of lack of money will disappear forever from your life. The moments when money is urgently needed for some expenses will no longer appear from your life, and wealth and joy will come instead of them.Good luck and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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