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The most powerful magnetic storm over the earth in the last 20 years

The most powerful magnetic storm over the earth in the last 20 years

The solar attacks that our planet is exposed to have a powerful charge of negative energy. They have a negative impact not only on the work of technology, but also on people’s health.

Experts predict that on the night of September 12 to 13, the Sun will experience a massive explosion that will provoke a magnetic storm of level 3 on a five-point scale. The enormous amount of energy directed into the Earth’s magnetosphere will negatively affect the health of all people. However, on the night of the 14th to the 15th one more energy release awaits us, which will become, perhaps, the most significant in the last 20 years. Only by September 16, the storm will begin to lose ground, reaching level 1 of danger.

According to scientists, about ten billion tons of plasma from electrons will fall on the Earth, which is comparable to the energy consumption over a million years.

How to protect yourself during magnetic storms

Scientists warn the entire population that most people may experience a sharp deterioration in the period from September 13 to 16. There will be headaches, dizziness, nausea and vomiting, decreased body tone, lethargy and apathy. Solar winds attacking the Earth will provoke a deterioration in the health of people prone to diseases of the cardiovascular system and will adversely affect mental health. Scientists and specialists note that during such a colossal surge, heart attacks and strokes become more frequent.

Plasma streams attack human DNA, provoking the growth of malignant tumors, the occurrence of blood clots in blood vessels and sudden increases in pressure. Ailments can grow, and can drastically collapse on the body, so experts recommend everyone to be attentive to their own health and well-being.

It is necessary to abandon all bad habits. A healthy lifestyle and a daily routine will help you ease your condition. During this period, full-fledged sleep, lightweight labor, and a diet containing an increased amount of vitamins are important.

Avoid junk food, eliminate fatty, heavily salted and pepper products from the diet, consume more fluids, mostly water and natural juices.

During a period of magnetic storms, mood swings will provoke conflicts and quarrels, so try to keep yourself in hand and avoid aggressive people. Reject, if possible, the control of vehicles, since the deterioration of health is not the best way affects the care and control of the situation on the road.

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