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The meeting of Shrovetide February 12: the first day of Shrovetide week

Meeting of Shrovetide on February 12 of the year: the first day of Shrovetide week

Even in Russia, the first day of Maslenitsa was named “The Meeting”. From this point on, people began to prepare for the wide Shrovetide festivities and the meeting of spring.

Maslenitsa is one of the most anticipated holidays. This event combines pagan and Orthodox traditions, in which it is unusual. In the people, the first day of the Pancake week was called the «Meeting».

On this day, people are actively beginning preparations, namely: they bake pancakes, dress a scarecrow, build snowy mountains and arrange festivities.

Do not forget that the Maslenitsa week is the last week before the onset of Lent. During this period, it is still allowed to eat milk and eggs, but it is desirable to refuse meat products.

Meeting of Maslenitsa: traditions and customs

We met Pancake week in the late morning. It was believed that the harvest this year will be much better if you sleep a little longer on this day.

By tradition, the hostesses started to bake pancakes, and the first pancake was given to those in need, so that they remembered the dead.

Creating stuffed — based tradition of the beginning of Shrovetide week. To do this, they harvested straw, mined old clothes, and to fix the doll, they used a wooden pole and other improvised objects. After that, a straw doll was installed on the top of a snowy hill for the whole week.

They burned the effigy only on the last day of Shrovetide week.

Children and adolescents began to dance around a stuffed animal, and then sledding from the mountain. Sleigh rides are not only a tradition, but also a ritual. It was believed, who will further slide, he will have a big harvest of flax.

To shrovetide entertainment and riding on a swing. It was especially popular among children who dreamed of growing tall and healthy.

In the late afternoon, it is customary to set a holiday table and invite guests to the house. First of all, pancakes were served as treats. It was believed that this dish symbolizes the sun, warmth and the approach of spring.

At this time, people were already looking forward to warm days and wanted to spend the winter more quickly, as well as get rid of its tracks. The tradition of kindling fires is connected with this. Our ancestors believed that if the ice was melted, spring would come faster.

To make pancakes tasty, the hostess kneaded the dough secretly. If someone sees it — the dish will be spoiled. When making pancakes, the women said:

«The golden month, look out the window, blow on the dough.»

It is desirable to pronounce the words late in the evening. If the month looks out, it means that the pancakes will turn out lush and tasty.

The young wives had a chance to appease the newly-minted relatives with pancakes. With a whole plate of pancakes, the mistresses went to the house of her husband’s family and treated their relatives to traditional pastries. In the evening, the parents themselves came to visit the newlyweds and continued the meal.

If the young mistress could not boast of culinary skills, mother-in-law and mother-in-law came to the newlyweds’ house. They taught an inexperienced girl all the intricacies of cooking pancakes, and when the dish was ready, they summoned the guests to demonstrate the skills of their pupils.

The church name of Shrovetide week is Cheese Week. From the first day of Shrovetide, the use of meat was prohibited, and everyone’s favorite product was replaced with cheese. Thus, the believers were preparing for Lent.

From February 12, many people will begin active preparations for the broad Maslenitsa. Already at this time, our ancestors began to carry out traditional Shrovetide divination, many of which have survived to our time. You can also tell fortunes and find out what to expect in the near future. We wish you happiness, success and prosperity, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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