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The Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 28: the traditions of the Assumption

The Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary August 28: the traditions of the Assumption

There are quite a lot of holidays devoted to the Most Holy Theotokos in Orthodox Christianity. However, among them is the main one — the Assumption. It is celebrated on August 28th.

The Assumption of the Virgin is included in the list of the 12 most important Orthodox holidays. This day ends the two-week Assumption Fast dedicated to the Mother of God. On the holiday of August 28 is associated with many folk traditions, and will accept the church rules, which every believer should know.

The secret meaning of the holiday of the Assumption

This day is dedicated to the departure from the earthly life of the Virgin Mary. This day is considered joyful, since the Mother of God was finally able to meet her son after his painful death on the cross. And the church is telling believers to share this joy of reunification, because when a mother loses a son is the worst day in her life.

But the Mother of God was not a simple mother, and therefore she knew that the next meeting was not far off.

Before the death, the messenger of God, the Archangel Gabriel, appeared to her. She lived in Jerusalem. During the next prayer, the angel told her that her earthly journey was coming to an end.

He announced that Jesus Christ, and all the angels, and other creatures of God, would take her into his kingdom, so that she would forever rule Heaven with his Son, the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Assumption is translated as «death», but in reality it was not death, but a transition into that world in which the Virgin Mary was prepared for a place a long time ago. Jesus Christ accepted her to a better world, where there is neither persecution, nor evil, nor disorder.

One interesting event is connected with this holiday. In her prayers, the Virgin asked to meet with the apostles. They miraculously gathered around her to bury the body from different parts of the world. As the legend says, then the Virgin Mary passed away, seeing a bright light and the angels standing in front of her and her beloved son.

What is most remarkable, the body was never found. It is believed that Jesus Christ took his mother, not leaving the world her body, immediately ascended to heaven.

The holiday itself began to be celebrated only in the 5-6 centuries, initially becoming a day of remembrance and sadness, but later the meaning of the celebration was changed.

Traditions and signs of the Assumption of the Virgin on August 28

From year to year, the church and folk traditions of this holiday are unchanged. It is always marked on the same day, completing the Assumption Fast (August 14-27). In addition, the summer period ends, so many traditions are associated with the approach of autumn:

  • If there is good weather outside on the Assumption of the Lord, then we will have a pleasant winter and a good harvest for the coming year. Bad weather is a very negative sign, suggesting that next year will be inclement in terms of weather.
  • On this day, it is forbidden to insert sharp objects into the ground, for the earth is the personification of the Mother Protector.
  • People on this day do not overeat and do not abuse bad habits. They honor the memory of the Virgin and lead a humble lifestyle, avoiding all bad things.
  • Of course, all believers try to visit the temple of God to attend the liturgy. Many put candles for peace and for the health of loved ones on August 28 each year. It is also accepted to confess sins and take communion.
  • At home, people read prayers in front of the icons of the Virgin Mary, thus paying tribute to the memory of the brightest mother of all. Women try to become better by asking in the prayers of God to give them strength and patience.
  • This day opens Indian summer — the last notes of heat will be in the air for about a couple of weeks.
  • After the Dormition, the remaining crops are usually harvested and begin preparations for the winter period.

All these traditions are over a thousand years old. The Assumption is one of the most ancient holidays in Christianity along with Christmas and Easter. People are always waiting for August 28, because on this day the soul blooms and eyes open to the world around us.

If you can not visit the temple, read the prayer entitled «Our Lady, Virgin, Rejoice,» before any icon of the Virgin. Clear your mind and devote a couple of minutes to God, giving your attention. At the end, say the magnification: “We magnify you, the Most Immaculate Mother of Christ our God, and glorify Thy Assumption all the glorious.”

It is best to make prayers in front of the icon of the Kazan Mother of God. Naturally, this is not a strict or even a rule at all, but the rest of the icons have a narrowly targeted meaning, and Kazan is more familiar and universal for Orthodox Christians. Honor the traditions of this holiday. Good luck, and don’t forget to press the buttons and

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